white apple head chihuahua

Apple Head Chihuahua Care, Facts and Pictures

the stop between the forehead and snout of the apple head chihuahua
The stop can be seen between the forehead and the snout of the apple head chihuahua.
long haired deer head chihuahua with the slopping forehead.
Long haired deer head chihuahua with the slopping forehead.

Though not in all cases, the deer head Chihuahua appear to be taller with longer legs and bodies than the apple head.

The deer shaped head is considered to be fault in the Chihuahua breed and therefore is not acceptable in dog shows. They are sometimes viewed as a product of incorrect breeding because of the deer shaped head.

Deer head Chihuahuas are considered to be healthier and with less genetic problems than the apple head Chihuahuas.

Apple head Chihuahuas are also more prone to dental related health problems than the deer headed because of lack of insufficient space around the gums.

The shape of the apple headed Chihuahua and the positioning of the nose and eyes make it vulnerable to wheezing, cold and glaucoma.

The apple head has more health issues because it is specifically bred to keep it within the breed specification i.e. pure and small while the deer head may be enjoying better health as a result of probably having a similar breed in its blood line. One of the benefits of hybrids is that the dog can be bred to improve the quality of its health.

Even though it is not yet scientifically proven, some deer head Chihuahua owners say that the deer head is less aggressive and more obedient.

Tips on how to take care of your apple head Chihuahua

Provide a blanket along with a bed for your Chihuahua because they are quiet sensitive to cold weather conditions. Also you will need a leash which will help you in training your apple head Chihuahua.

Because your Chihuahua is a pretty small dog, it will be inappropriate to treat them like a normal sized dog. Your Chihuahua will need special attention and care and one of such care will involve more visits to the vet at least for vaccination and regular checkups.

Use a litter box to house train your Chihuahua.

Take your Chihuahua out on a regular walk in order to keep her strong and healthy.

For a short haired Chihuahua, brushing at least once a week will be OK however a long haired Chihuahua will be require more frequent brushing to prevent matting and tangles. Bathing once a month should also be OK but care must be taken to ensure that water does not get into her eyes or ears.

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short haired dear head chihuahua require less grooming
Short haired chihuahua require less grooming
long haired apple head chihuahua require more grooming
Long haired chihuahua require more grooming

Make sure you allow your Chihuahua to socialize because they have a reputation for anti social behavior. Employ the use of treats and praises to train your apple head Chihuahua.

One of the major aspects of taking care of the Chihuahua is diet and nutrition. Every dog breed has its own dietary and nutritional needs that could be very specific and which may also be influenced by the genes. For example your Chihuahua may require a diet that is close to what they will feed on in their native environment.

Feed your Chihuahua small quantities of meal three times a day. Make sure she is feed with food that her tiny stomach can handle such as poultry but keep the beef away. They have a hard time digesting beef.

Avoid feeding your Chihuahua too much of left over or human food as this could easily lead to obesity (a common problem due to their small size). These small dogs don’t have the fast metabolism to burn off fatty foods so you should watch how much fat you feed.

obese chihuahua with the apple head
Over feeding chihuahua can lead to obesity.

You should also avoid feeding them bones either from fish, meat or poultry because it could splinter and cause serious internal damage. Avoid chocolates as well.

Older Chihuahua should be fed on food that is rich in antioxidants to keep her healthy.

If you have a new Chihuahua puppy, you should retain the diet that breeder feeds her until 6 months old. Then you can gradually switch her over to adult food.

The best type of food to feed your Chihuahua according to the Chihuahua guide is homemade food. This way you are in charge of what get in to the guts of your pet.

It is recommended that the homemade food should be high in calorie and rich in protein because these are active dogs that will require a lot of calories. The guide equally recommends lean meat e.g. fish, chicken and turkey rather than fatty meat like lamb or pork.

Your homemade Chihuahua food should include lots of protein such as meat along with fruits and vegetables.

It is ok to pamper your Chihuahua with treats but you need to tread softly to avoid your Chihuahua’s overindulgence which will result in excessive weight gain. Always give your Chihuahua treats that is low in fat.

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