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Black German Shepherd: Essential facts, pictures and videos

Lines that are bred (regardless of its color) for show lines or dog shows have temperament that range from gentle to hyperactive and sometimes to downright stupid and dumb while those that are bred for protection and schutzhund sport or for police work tend to be more businesslike. This is not to mention the numerous GSD puppy mills run by backyard breeders who are breeding German shepherd dogs with risky temperaments plagued with a host of health issues.

So the truth about the temperament of the black German shepherd is that the coat color has NO bearing on its temperament but rather on its pedigree or bloodline. So if you want a black German shepherd you should also research for the temperament that you desire in the dog because if you want a family companion black GSD then you don’t want to acquire a high energy working line that is ideal for protection work or an obviously poorly bred black German shepherd with poor temperament displaying aggression, extreme fearfulness, skittishness etc. You need to research the blood line carefully so that you do not end up with a big surprise.

Fact 5: the health factor

While the temperament of your black German shepherd is very important but just as important is the health of your black German shepherd puppy. The German shepherd breed is one of the riskiest breeds in terms of health issues parading serious health challenges that range from the hereditary hip and elbow dysplasia to Gastric Dilatation-Volvulus (GDV) or stomach disorder, heart disease, spinal disease, skin disease and cancer, just to mention a few.

For this reason the bloodline of the black German shepherd puppy must be thoroughly researched just like the temperament knowing that there are lots of unethical black German shepherd breeders who are breeding the black German shepherd solely for the profit side and care less about the quality of the dog. Therefore you should research for ethical and professional black German shepherd breeders that would guarantee that quality of your black GSD pup.

Fact 6: upbringing of a black GSD

Like earlier mentioned the color of the coat has no bearing on the individual GSD and the same rules apply to all GSDS. All GSDs require the proper socialization and extensive exposure to people in order to curb their protective instinct towards strangers. An exception to the rule is when you want to bring up your black GSD as a security dog then you do not want the dog to be thorough socialization.

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Your black GSD pup should be adequately exposed to other dogs and cat at young age because some GSDs tend to exhibit dominant behavior toward dog of the same sex which could lead to aggression if the other dog does not back down. They also exhibit predatory behavior toward cats.

All German shepherd including black GSDs need a lot of mental stimulation otherwise you will be enabling an artificial negative temperament engendered by boredom which could manifest in several ways including aggression and other bad behaviors (such as digging, destructiveness etc) in the dog’s innocent attempt to keep his naturally active and intelligent mind fully engaged.

Also your black GSD will require daily brisk walking and sometimes outright running in order to maintain its athletic shape.

German shepherds shed heavily and it is not any different for a black GSD so you need to decide if you want a long haired or short haired German shepherd.

Fact 7: price of black German shepherd puppy

Black GSDs can indeed be regarded as rare because they are not as common as German shepherd dogs of other coat color perhaps with the exception of the white German shepherd. The obvious reason why this coat color is rare is because of its recessive genes which mean that they are more likely to occur by accidents in a litter of other coat colors.

Therefore it is only the black German shepherd breeders who have put in all the effort to breed or acquire the double recessive black genes female (dam) and male (sire) GSD that will always have the black GSD pups available and they are not many in number.

For this reason, anyone wishing to acquire a black German shepherd pup should be willing to spend a little more than it will cost to acquire a GSD with a regular color. The price of the black German shepherd puppy will range anywhere between 700/800$ to 1000$ or slightly more; however the black GSD is worth the investment.

Names of black German shepherd

Here is a list of male and female name for a black German shepherd or any other coat color for that matter.

Male black German shepherd namesFemale black German shepherd names
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Black German shepherd wolf mix

A cross breeding of the black German shepherd with the wolf will produce a hybrid pup or a wolf dog. While some people have shown interest in such hybrid mostly because of its beauty however the erratic and unpredictable temperament of the black German shepherd wolf mix makes it difficult proposition.

When a pup is the product of cross breeding either between two different dog breeds or between a dog and a wolf, the pup will end up with any combination of the characteristic and/or temperament of the parent breeds and it is difficult to tell which of the parent breed will be dominant and in which aspect of the pup’s life.

wolf like black german shepherd
A black German shepherd with a wolf like look.

Therefore it is impossible to tell how the black German shepherd wolf mix will turn out to be in term of its characteristics and temperament. A pup from such cross breeding could be more like a wolf while another pup from the same litter could be more like a dog.

A black German shepherd wolf mix like any other wolf dog hybrid do not make a good guard dog and are more likely to retreat in the face of an attack on its owner (rather than come in his defense) just like wolfs will naturally retreat when they see humans. In some cases the dog traits in the hybrid may it more dangerous as this could work against a wolf’s natural fear of humans.

A black German shepherd wolf mix is also very difficult to train even though they are capable of learning command, their response is more like that of a cat than a dog. The reason for such behavior is not difficult to fathom: because dogs have lost all their hunting skills they have grown to become totally reliant on humans for survival and so they are willing to become subject to humans in return for their livelihood which makes them very easy to train.

A wolf on the other hand is a hunter and independent minded and survives in the wild by its hunting skills and would be unwilling to subject himself to a human pack leader which makes the wolf dog difficult to train. They don’t need humans for their survival so they have no reason whatsoever to become willing subjects of a human pack leader.

The black German shepherd wolf mix like any other wolf dog hybrid will not easily accept another dog into the pack and is more likely to see this new entrant as a threat. Other pets such as cat are just as unwanted as a new dog into the hybrid’s fold and children should not be left alone with the wolf dog.

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It takes a strong person who is able to read the wolf dog’s body language and fully understand what he is getting into when chooses to accept the role of a pack leader to black German shepherd wolf mix.

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