Blue Nose Pitbull: Essential Facts, Pictures and Videos

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Cute blue nosed pitbull puppy

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adult male american blue nose pitbull

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Fact 3: Acquiring a blue nose from a reputable breeder

Because blue nose pitbull is the fad of the moment, there are lots of unscrupulous breeders out there employing unethical breeding practice and operating blue nose pitbull puppy farms exclusively for pecuniary motives and not for the love of the breed.

To acquire healthy blue pits puppies with good temperament, you should look for breeders that meet the following description:

A breeder who does not operate pitbull puppy farm where a large number of pitbull puppies are bred every year. This is the first red flag that indicates that pups from this breeder may not be safe since he is more likely to employ unethical breeding practice in order to breed several litters of blue pits per year and it unlikely that he will be able to dedicate enough time to the pups.

  • The breeder allows you to tour the breeding facility and that the pups are born and brought up in a clean and healthy environment.
  • The breeder is particular about the home his blue pits are going to and probably also willing to pay a visit to home of the buyer before selling.
  • You should request to see the pup’s parent and the breeder should be willing to oblige you and also provide information regarding the lineage of the parents. This is very important because the temperament of the parents is a good indication of how the pup is likely to genetically turn out to be and you certainly don’t want a blue pitbull pup from unfriendly parents with known aggression.
  • Acquire your blue nose pitbull from breeders that have kennel club registration papers and that also provide health guarantees and assurances about the temperament.
  • Check that the breeder is active with reputable dog association.

Fact 4: A true blue pitbull is a purebred pitbull

As earlier stated, pitbull is not a specific breed but a collection of different breeds that have certain physical characteristics however the true pitbull breed are those that are of the lineage of the English pitbull dogs that was taken into north America by the English immigrants. That purebred pitbull can be found in the American Staffordshire terrier (AmStaff) and the American pitbull terrier (APBT) which means that a true purebred blue nose pitbull has to be either APBT or AmStaff.

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Fact 5: Blue pitbull is not for everybody

A pitbull either blue nose or red nose is not for everybody and if you want to acquire one or you already own a pitbull, there are certain things that you should be aware of such as:

  • If you intend to acquire a pitbull or you already own one you should be thoroughly knowledgeable about the breed. This breed is as special and unique as much as it is controversial and in order to own a pitbull and not regret it sometimes later on you must stay ahead of the breed by being very knowledgeable. The fact that you own what seem to be a well behaved pitbull dog for several years does not mean he cannot spring a surprise on you and leave an indelible mark behind. If you cannot do a thorough and extensive research leave this breed alone.
  • Your blue nose pitbull will require lots of training, socialization and exercise; this is not a hands-off breed. If you don’t pay enough attention to this powerful and active breed they will look for ways to channel the energy and entertain themselves in ways that you are not likely to approve of.
  • Blue nose pitbulls have high prey drive and prone to developing aggression towards other dogs and pets. So if you want to acquire a pitbull and you already have a pet at home then you must be prepare to supervise the pitbull and it should not be left alone with the pet.
  • Since pitbulls were selectively bred for dog fight, if you have another dog at home you should opt for a blue nose pitbull of the opposite sex since dogs of the same sex are more likely to get in a fight.
  • Bringing up a blue nose pitbull puppy requires a lot of hard work with added mystery of not knowing how the pup will turn out to be in terms of the temperament. Therefore adopting a well trained and thoroughly socialized adult pitbull with a known temperament may be a better choice if you are not willing to put in all the required hard work. With an adult pitbull what you see is what you get.
  • Even with the best of dog training, there is a limit to which proper training can go in correcting a dog with serious temperament and behavioral problems that is rooted in its genes. Getting a blue nose pitbull with the right temperament cannot be over emphasized.

Fact 6: Breed characteristics

 Blue nose pitbull
Good for novice ownersPoor
Tolerance of lonelinessVery poor
Affectionate with familyExcellent
Kid friendlyVery good
Dog friendlyVery poor
Stranger friendlyVery good
Tendency to droolVery high
SheddingHeavy shedding
Easy to groomExtremely easy
General health conditionVery good
Tendency to gain weightAbove average
Easy to trainVery easy
IntelligenceVery high
Tendency to be mouthyVery low
Prey drive Above average
Energy levelAbove average
Level of vigor or intensityExtreme
Exercise requirementVery high
Tendency for playfulnessExtreme

Above all thing the most important thing to pay attention to is the temperament of the blue nose pitbull and the easy way to get a good peek is to check the pup’s lineage particularly of the parents.

Fact 7: The dark side

The dark side of pitbull that has made this breed unarguably the most controversial breed of our time involve the aggression that this breed is well known for. While most pitbull advocates will love to offer excuses in defence of this breed, the statistics on the other hand are not only damning but undeniable: “ The pitbull is a very violent and aggressive breed known to kill both human (including its owner, see the last video on this page) and animals even without provocation regardless of the color either its blue nose pitbull, red nose pit bull etc”.

This fact cannot be thrown away: “The pitbull was bred for blood sport and dog fight with selective breeding that has infused deadly killer traits in the breed particularly its ability to bite and maintain its deadly grip with unyielding tenacity while at the same time shaking its victim violently in the process as though it is finding it difficult to let go of its death grip. ” This bite-unyielding-grip-and-shake style comparable to that of the shark makes the pitbull attack one of the most dangerous of all dog breeds.

The unyielding manner in which pitbull holds tenaciously to its victim has led to a myth that pitbulls have a lock jaws that gets locked up when they clamp down on their victim be it an object, animal or human being. However expert examination has proved that the pitbull jaws and its functional morphology is not different from that of other breeds and they do not have lock jaws. This trait is a product of careful selective breeding.

Because of the pitbull’s deadly bite style of bite-unyielding-grip-and-shake , the injuries that it inflicts, in situations where its victim is lucky to survive, can be very catastrophic. It is therefore advised that pitbull owners should always carry a break stick in situations where their dog could get into a fight or may attack a human being or animal.

Most pitbull advocates and lovers have always defended the breed by blaming pitbull attacks on the owners as being irresponsible but with the overwhelming bite statistics against the pitbull it is very difficult to support the argument that among all dog owners, pitbull owners are the most irresponsible and therefore should be blamed for the aggressive nature of the breed.

While the behavior of any breed is a complex mix of its hard coded genetics, the influence of its environment and human management, the selective breeding that infused the deadly bite style into this breed has proven to be a serious challenge to the human management of the breed. It is therefore very important that blue nose pitbull owners know what their blue nose pitbull is capable of.

The following videos are documentations of live attacks by pitbulls. Be warned that the videos contain very intense scenes therefore you should not watch any of them if you are squeamish.

Pitbull attacks another dog


Pitbull bite-unyielding-grip-and-shake style will not let go of his victim’s arm

Horrific: Old lady ripped apart in another pitbull attack

Woman attacked by her own pitbull.


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