building a dog house

Build a Dog House:How I Built Mine in 14 Easy Steps

161 x 240


Cut the front and back pieces so that they have a triangle shape at one end with both side reduced to `16’’ inches high while the middle is still 27’’ high.

front and back piece of a dog house
The front and back pieces of the dog house with the upper part cut to shape.


About 3’’ inches above the bottom edge of the front piece, cut a doorway that is high and wide enough to accommodate your dog.

Flatten the bottom and round up the top.

door way of the dog house
The door way of the dog house being cut out.
shaped door way of the dog house
The door way of the dog house with the top shaped out.


Lay 1 of the bottom pieces (step 5 above) on the frame (the finished product of step 4) and line of the edges. Trim off and file any excess wood from the edges and nail the bottom piece to the frame using the 16d nails.

Then nail the second bottom piece on top of the first nailed bottom piece to produce a 2 layer floor for your dog.

bottom pieces of dog housenailed
The finished product of step 8 with the 2 bottom pieces being nailed to the base of the dog house.


Cut the 8’ 2×4 piece into 2 halves creating a pair 2×2 boards.

Cut 4 12”1/2 inches from each board making a total of 8 12”1/2 inches pieces from both boards, and one 22” piece. The 9 frames will be used to re-enforce the dog house.

9 pieces for re-enforcing the dog house
The 9 pieces for re-enforcing the dog house.


Vertically line up 2 of the 12”1/2 inches pieces (step 9 above) with the top and sides of the 16” end of one of the 2 side pieces of 16’’ inches by 25’’7/8 inches (step 5 above), leaving two and a half inch from the bottom edge. Now nail these two 12’’1/2 pieces to the side piece using the 8d nail.

Repeat the same process to produce the second side panel.

Now attach these 2 side panel to the sides of the bottom frame constructed in step 8 above.

almost completed dog house
The finished product of step 10 of the dog house.


Using the 8d nails attach two 12”1/2 inches pieces (step 9 above) to each of the top edges of the cut triangular edges of the back piece. Then attach this piece to the back of the frame produced in step 10.

Repeat the same step with the front piece that already has the doorway for your dog cut out (step 7 above) and attach it to the front part of the frame produced in step 10 above.

Spread the cedar shaving on the floor to create bedding for your dog.

Check for any exposed nail and file the pointed tips.

almost completed dog house without roof
The finished product of step 11 of the building of the dog house.


Using the 8d nail, attach the 22’’ inches piece (step 9 above) to line up with edge of the longer side of one of 2 the roof panels (step 5 above) centering 22” so that you have equal free space at either end of the roof panel.

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roof panel of the dog house
The 22″ piece attached to one of the roof panels.

Position this roof panel on top of the dog house.

Now nail this roof panel to the frame of the front and the back of the dog house (the finished product of step 11) with the side having the nailed 22” placed as the inside top part.

Then nail the second roof panel to the first roof panel and to the frame of the front and back of the dog house.

completed dog house without painting
The finished product of step 12 with the roof being put in place.


Paint the exterior with primer paint and allow it to dry.

Then add the enamel paint and allow it to dry.

painted dog house
Step 13: The painted dog house.


Use the roof nails to nail down the roofing shingles at the bottom end of the roof panel and nail addition rolls on top of the previous roll until the entire roof panel in covered in roofing shingles.

Repeat the same step for the other roof panel.

Now you have you dog house ready.

roof shingles nailed on the roof top of the dog house
Step 14: Roofing shingles nailed on the roof top of the dog house.


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  3. The dog house will be fitted with legs so the house can stay some inches above the ground. This will help to prevent water from getting in and also protect the dog from the cold ground in the cold periods of the year.

  4. This wooden dog house is so cool. You have made a dual cabin wooden house. Made for two dogs. It looks so cool and the way you have described it, it has made it so easy.

  5. That’s really slick. Nice thinking raising it up off the ground too. Our last dog house rested flat on the ground and it always felt so cold. Not that Ginger cares.

  6. Good article. I’ve built a house for my dog myself, too.
    I’ve built from wood. The most important part is to make warm walls and floor.

  7. Good article. Will definitely use this blog in building my dog’s house. Thanks for this post.

  8. Thank you for sharing your tips with us. It’s been months since my last woodworking project. A dog house would be a perfect project next.

  9. Nice Idea, Nice Design using Wood and plastic. But in the winter season, Dogs will suffer much. What will you do then?
    Is any suggestion from you?

  10. A dog house made of cedar would be great! Everything explained in detail, perfect even for beginners as well as DIY experts.
    Thanks for the post.

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