Chihuahua Poodle Mix information,Images and Video

Chihuahua is one of the parent breeds of the chihuahua poodle mix.
The poodle is the other parent breed of the chihuahua poodle mix.
A chihuahua poodle mix also called a chipoo

Breed info of the parent breeds (Chihuahua and the Poodle) and the Chipoo

 ChihuahuaPoodleChihuahua poodle mix
American kennel club ranking (popularity)24th most popular7th most popularNot yet recognized by the AKC but recognized by the following kennel clubs.
• American Canine Hybrid Club – refers to the cross breed as Chi-poo
• Designer Dogs Kennel Club – refers to the cross breed as Wapoo
• International Designer Canine Registry – refers to the cross breed as Chi-poo
• Designer Breed Registry refers to the cross breed as Choodle or Wapoo
Family/groupToy groupNon sporting groupOn an individual basis, a Chipoo would be in either of the parent breeds group i.e. toy or non sporting group OR capable of functioning well in both groups
IntelligenceRanked No 67 in the worldRanked No 2 of the world’s brightest dogsChipoo is expected to exhibit intelligence that range between the high intelligence of the poodle and that of the Chihuahua. Again the level of intelligence that will be demonstrated by a Chipoo is likely to vary for instance if the poodle genes become dominant in a Chipoo then you should expect to see the poodle’s intelligence on display.
Kid friendlyLess than averageVery goodLess than average
Stranger friendlyLess than averageVery goodModerate
Dog friendlyLess than averageVery goodModerate
TemperamentAlert, confident, boldIntelligent, loyal, loving, friendly and mischievousIndependent, devoted, loyal, friendly, may show some measure of stubbornness
SizeSmallComes in three different sizes as toy, miniature and standardSmall
Average size statsMale- Height: 6-9 inches, Weight: <6 pounds
Female- Height: 6-9 inches, Weight: <6 pounds
Toy poodle
Male- Height: <10 inches, Weight: 4-8 pounds
Female- Height: <10 inches, Weight: 4-8 pounds

Miniature poodle
Male- Height: 10-15 inches, Weight: 12-18 pounds
Female- Height: 10-15 inches, Weight: 12-18 pounds

Standard poodle
Male - Height: 15-21 inches, Weight: 45-65 pounds
Female - Height: 15-21 inches, Weight: 45-65 pounds
The size is largely influenced by the poodle parent.
Height: 5-15 inches, Weight: 3-20 pounds

Pictures of chihuahua poodle mix

 ChihuahuaPoodleChihuahua poodle mix
Original functionCeremonialToy poodle
lap dog

Miniature poodle
Water retrieving, performer

Standard poodle
water retrieving, performer
As a lap dog but should be capable of any of the functions of its parent breeds
Present functionCompanionCompanionCompanion
Good for first time dog ownersVery goodExcellentVery good
Energy levelmoderateHighHigh
Level of exercise neededLowHighHigh
Level of playfulnessmoderateVery highHigh
Can tolerate lonelinessVery poorVery poorVery poor
Prey driveVery highLowExpect between low to very high prey. When you see you Chipoo running after moving objects like cars or smaller animals then you will have an idea of its prey drive.
Tendency to barkVery highHighHigh
As a watch dogHighHighHigh
ProtectivenessLowVery highYou can expect between low and very high
Easy to trainAbove averageExtremely easyAt least above average
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 ChihuahuaPoodleChihuahua poodle mix
Coat typeCome in either smooth or long coatA dense, curly single coat without an undercoatLong, curly and smooth
Coat colors and patternsGray, black, chocolate, white, fawn, silverCream, blue, gray, black, silver, white, brownApricot brown, black with tan, tan and white, white, black and fawn
SheddingLess than averageVery lowVery low
GroomingRegular grooming and extremely easy to groomRegular grooming and very difficult to groomRegular grooming and because the Chihuahua poodle mix usually have the curly coats of the poodle, the grooming may be a little more demanding
Tendency to droolVery lowVery lowVery low
Health issuesMajor health issues: none

Minor health issues: Patellar Luxation, Hypoglycemia, Heart Murmurs, Pulmonic Stenosis, Collapsed Trachea, Hydrocephalus, Open Fontanel and Shivering

Major health issues: Sebaceous Adenitis (SA), Gastric Dilatation-Volvulus, Addison's Disease

Minor health issues:
Cushings Disease (Hyperadrenocorticism), Epilepsy, Hip Dysplasia, Hypothyroidism, Legg-Perthes Disease, Patellar Luxation, Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA), Optic Nerve Hypoplasia, Sebaceous Adenitis (SA)and Von Willebrand's Disease
No known health issue
FeedingHigh quality and nutritious food. Attention has to given to the quantity of food because of the tendency to put on weight and treats should be kept to a minimalHigh quality and nutritious food. Attention has to given to the quantity of food because of the tendency to put on weight and treats should be kept to a minimumHigh quality food that is ideal for toy dogs like the Chihuahua or the toy poodle
Life span14-18 years10-13 years12-15 years
If bored, not socialized and obedience trained from puppyA big problem without obedient training and will become timid without proper socialization as puppyLike most breed, an untrained poodle is a big problemA Chipoo that is not socialized as a puppy may become territorial, over protective and destructive when bored
Suitable for indoor or outdoor lifestyleGood for both indoor and outdoor and will equally do well indoor only.Good for both indoor and outdoor but not indoor onlyGood for indoor

The areas that will require the most attention in the up bring of Chipoo are training, feeding and grooming. To get the best out of the Chipoo, early training has to be provided and because this is an intelligent dog you should not have much difficulty in training a Chipoo except that it may manifest traces of stubbornness which is traceable to the Chihuahua parent breed.

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The other areas that will require special attention is the grooming and the diet. Chipoo require regular grooming because it often has the curly coat of the poodle which can be a bit demanding to groom even though it is a low shedder.

When it comes to feeding the Chipoo should be fed on high quality and nutritious diet that is ideal for a toy dog and make sure that you do not over feed the Chipoo because its parent breeds both have a tendency to become over weight.

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