Dog Cancer Treatment – How to Keep Your Dog Alive

dog cancer treatmentGone are the very terrible days of limited or zero options when it comes to dog cancer treatment, these days there are quite a handful of options for treating cancer in dogs. Some dogs with cancer may experience remission when treated while some may be cured but the best that we can truly expect is better quality of life for our dogs.

Taking care of dogs with cancer is a costly expenditure because in most case your dog will require more than one type of cancer treatment.

Dog cancer treatment – best options available

Clearly the best option has to be surgery which will remove the tumor and bring relief to the dog. It also increases the chances of greater success with other therapies like chemotherapy and radiation because just a few malignant cells will be left.

Chemotherapy is design to attack the cells that are dividing and growing rapidly without harming the normal cells of the dog’s body but because the normal cells in the intestine and the bone marrow are also rapidly dividing the same chemotherapeutic drug will produce the same impact on these normal cells which may result in some side effects like diarrhea and vomiting in your dog.

Dog cancer treatment using radiation therapy means that focused beam of radiation is used to kill cancerous cell in the dog which may also affect normal cells that are also rapidly dividing therefore vet will usually try to protect the area of the dog’s body around which radiation is been applied. There are also natural therapies for dog cancer treatment.

It is very important that while your dog is undergoing therapeutic treatment for cancer that special attention is given to your dog’s nutritional needs. If the dog is so weak that he cannot feed by himself than he may have to be fed through a tube and he will need fluid in order to prevent dehydration.

Of course you may decide not to subject your dog to cancer treatment if it is pretty obvious that the outcome is very unlikely to keep him alive or if the financial outlay is beyond your budget.

All in all, dog cancer treatment does exist and early detection will increase the likelihood of survival for your dog.

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