part german shepherd part siberian husky

German shepherd husky mix information, pictures and videos

When purebreds like the German shepherd and the husky are crossed the pups cannot suffer from the parent breed health problems that are caused by recessive genes. Since the offspring of the cross breed can only have one of the recessive genes or nor at all.

This will eliminate a large number of genetic health problems that are caused by recessive genes particularly when dealing with a breed like the German shepherd that suffer from a large array of health problems. However health problems that are due to dominant genes can still be passed down the bloodline since only one of the gene pair of a dominant gene is required for the offspring to suffer from the health problem.

What to expect from this cross breed

As already mentioned the Gerberian Shepsky will manifest traits, physical and non physical characteristics of both parent breeds and it is not possible to predict which of the parent breed will be dominant and in what aspect of a pup’s life. However there are certain things that owners of Gerberian Shepsky can expect from the cross breed. These include:

  • Both the German shepherd and the Siberian husky are big sized breeds, so it is only natural to expect a German shepherd husky mix pup to turn out as a big size dog.
  • The parent breeds are high energy working breeds that were bred to be on the move: the German shepherd herding and the Siberian husky pulling sled across the arctic. This means that German shepherd husky mix will require a lot of activity beyond a mere daily walk in order to keep the dog well stimulated. Failure to do this will likely produce surprises for the owner as the dog will seek out other ways of expressing the energy locked inside of him. Be sure to expect some athleticism.
  • The German shepherd husky mix adapts pretty well to apartment living.
  • The Gerberian Shepsky will do fairly well i.e. above average in both hot and cold weather conditions.
  • This cross breed is very friendly with family members and kids.
  • Expect some serious shedding from your German shepherd husky mix. Therefore you should always have your grooming tools close by.
  • If you cannot stand slobbering then you probably want to reconsider owning this cross breed because it drools beyond an average dog.
  • You should keep an eye on the appetite of the Gerberian Shepsky because it has the tendency to put on weight. You should limit the treats and provide the dog with regular exercise.
  • This is in no doubt: with a German shepherd husky mix you have a very intelligent dog in your hands.
  • This cross breed has a high prey drive which means that it has a tendency to chase after moving objects like cars but more particularly after smaller animals like cats.
  • Finally but not the least, in the German shepherd husky mix you have an extremely playful dog in your hands. Children will find a good companion in this dog.
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Temperament of the German shepherd husky mix

The guaranteed temperament of the Gerberian Shepsky can be summarized as follow:

The temperament of the German shepherd husky mix is further influenced by the dominant parent breed of the Gerberian Shepsky in question. If the husky genes are dominant in the temperament then you should expect additional traits such as: stubborn, ongoing, gentle, excessively friendly and a poor watchdog.

On the other hand if the German shepherd genes are dominant in the temperament then the additional traits you can expect to see are: obedient, loyal, courageous, watchful, confident and excellent guard dog.

German shepherd husky mix: when the husky genes are dominant

The Gerberian Shepsky will have either one of the parent breeds dominant or fairly balanced traits (50-50) between both parent breeds. In the case of the latter you can expect to have a fairly balanced traits and physical/non physical characteristics of both worlds either good or bad. However if one of the parent breeds is dominant then it is a lot easier to handle the Gerberian Shepsky.

One of the foremost indications of the dominant parent breed can be seen in the general outlook/appearance of the German shepherd husky mix. If the dog looks more like the Siberian husky then you should be prepared for a Gerberian Shepsky with a husky dominance. At first glance does he look more like the husky facially with the blue eyes and the coat color?

This physical observation can only be use for adult German shepherd husky mix dogs and not for puppies since it may be difficult to tell in the first few month of the pup’s life.

This is a basic fact of life: if an animal looks like a lion then it is a lion, if a creature looks like a human being then he is a human being. The outward appearance is a clear reflection of the internal (genetic) wiring of that being or entity.”

Here are what to expect with a husky dominance:

  • An intelligent dog that is never willing to please its owner or handler with unmistakable streaks of stubbornness which makes training your Gerberian Shepsky a serious challenge particularly for the inexperienced or first-time dog owner. Certainly this may not be the best dog for a novice dog owner.
  • You will need to keep an eye on your Gerberian Shepsky if he has the husky dominance in order to avoid losing him for good. The dominant husky side an escape artist, which means he has a high tendency to run away. This escaping habit can be a serious problem.
  • Depending on the climate in which you live, the degree of shedding will vary. If you live in a cold climate then your Gerberian Shepsky will shed low but if you reside in the warm climate expect some serious shedding.
  • If it appears that your German shepherd husky mix is extra destructive then you have an additional indication of the husky dominance.
  • If visitors including strangers walk into your home without your Gerberian Shepsky raising an alarm then there goes your husky dominated cross breed. A poor watch dog!!!
  • A dog that is very friendly with everybody including strangers, intruders, children and other dogs.
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Pictures of German shepherd husky mix that look more like the husky

german shepherd husky mix that is more husky in looks and coat

gerberian shepsky that looks more like an husky than a german shepherd

husky looking gerberian shepsky

When the German shepherd genes are dominant

The same rule applies: your Gerberian Shepsky will have either an overwhelming dominance of one of the parent breeds or it will have fairly balanced traits (50-50) of both parent breeds.

Here are what to expect with German shepherd dominance:

  • A Gerberian Shepsky that is aloof and suspicious of stranger is clearly exhibiting the traits of the German shepherd parent breed.
  • Expect some serious shedding.
  • An unfamiliar person or an intruder cannot get into your home without an alarm being raised and he will also prevent any intrusion: the guard and watch dog instincts of the German shepherd.
  • Your Gerberian Shepsky will not only be quite easy to train but will also show a willingness to obey and please its owner or handler.

Pictures of German shepherd husky mix that look more like the German shepherd

german shepherd husky mix that look more of german shepherd

german shepherd husky mix looks more german shepherd

beautiful gerberian shepsky that looks more german shepherd

The table that follows juxtaposes the parent breed info with the German shepherd husky mix

 German shepherdSiberian huskyGerman shepherd husky mix
American kennel club ranking (popularity)13th most popular2nd most popularNot recognized by AKC
Family/groupherding, workingWorkingWill fit into the herding and/or working group
IntelligenceRanked No.3 on the list of the world’s brightest dogs.Ranked NO 45No ranking but expect an equally intelligent dog.
Kid friendlyVery goodVery goodVery good
Dog friendlyBelow averageVery goodFairly to very good
Stranger friendlyLess than averageExcellentAverage to excellent
SizeLargeMediumAveragely large sized
Average size statsMale- Height: 24-26 inches Weight: 75-95 pounds
Female- Height: 22-24 inches Weight: 75-95 pounds
Male- Height: 21-23.5 inches, Weight: 45-60 pounds
Female- Height: 20-22 inches, Weight: 35-50 pounds
Male-Height:20-26 inches, Weight: 45-95 pounds
Female-Height:20-24 inches Weight:35-85 pounds
Life span10 to 12 years12 to 14 years10 to 14 years

Pictures of German shepherd husky mix that have a 50-50 look


half german shepherd half husky mix

german shepherd husky mix that is half husky half german shepherd

gerberian shepsky with half german shepherd looks and half husky looks

 German shepherdSiberian huskyGerman shepherd husky mix
Energy levelVery highVery highVery high
Level of exercise neededVery highVery highVery high
Level of playfulnessVery highVery highVery high
Tolerant of lonelinessAbove average Below averageAnywhere between
Prey driveVery highVery highVery high
Tendency to bark or howlVery lowVery high (they howl)The dominant parent genes decides
Coat typeDouble coated consisting of an under coat and a dense outer coat with straight hairDouble coated with a thick under coat and long soft outer coatDouble coated and the dominant parent breed genes determines the details
Coat colors and patternsBlack & tan, black & red, black & cream, black & silver, solid blacks, solid white, sable, blue (rare) and liver(rare)Black and white are most popular; less common colors are white and copper-red, pure white, brown red and white and greyDetermined by the dominant parent genes.
Health issuesHip Dysplasia: hereditary condition in which the thighbone does not fit well into the hip joint.

Elbow Dysplasia: hereditary condition caused by the different growth rate of the dog’s elbow resulting in elbow joint laxity.

Gastric Dilatation-volvulus (GDV): a potentially fatal condition in which the dog’s stomach is distended with gas causing it to twist.

Degenerative Myelopathy: this is a spinal cord disease that makes it difficult for the dog to move its hind legs and may ultimately progress to the point where the dog cannot walk at all.

Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency: a genetic disease that makes it difficult for the dog to digest and absorb food.

Allergies: German shepherd may suffer from allergies that may result in excessive scratching.
Major health issues: none – a pretty healthy breed
Minor health issues: Corneal Dystrophy, Cataract and Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA)
Pretty healthy and genetic health issues that are caused by recessive genes are eliminated in first the generation of this breed i.e. pups of the German shepherd and husky parents rather than pups of two Gerberian Shepsky.
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In conclusion a would-be German shepherd husky mix owner should only go ahead and acquire this dog if he/she is comfortable with both parent breeds. You should also stick to the first generation German shepherd husky mix which means that the puppy is a direct offspring of a German shepherd and a Siberian husky and not a generation down the line where both parents are Gerberian Shepsky.

Above all you should acquire your puppy from honest German shepherd husky mix breeders who can assure you of the health status of both parent breeds.

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