German shepherd vs rottweiler in open field

German shepherd vs Rottweiler: One Breed Wins


If you are out to make a decision on which breed to go for between the German shepherd and the Rottweiler then the following observations may be helpful.

Both breeds has its advantages over the other, so in order to make the best decision you should focus on the purpose for which you want to own either of the breeds. This is the very first step you ought to take.

So let us consider some possible reasons any one will want to make a decision between the German shepherd and the Rottweiler:

Potential owner: which of the two breeds will best serve me as a guard dog?

Our opinion: both breeds will do just fine but you have to consider some other things like training which is extremely important. German shepherd are ever so willing to please its owner or handler and coupled with its high level of intelligence, it makes this breed very easy to train compared to the Rottweiler that would rather demand to be pleased by its handlers. This can make a world of difference between these two breeds.

If you know you will not be willing to go the extra mile required to produce a well trained Rottweiler then consider the German shepherd. Also if this acquisition will be your first dog then either breed may be tough for you but if you insist, the German shepherd will still be the better choice.

Potential owner: I want the breed to double both as a guard dog and a pet.

Our opinion: again the German shepherd is your best option since the Rottweiler is poor both with strangers and children. However this is not cut in stone, if the Rottweiler is brought up from a pup with kids around and with proper socialization and training then you should not have any problem. Again with the Rottweiler you just need to do a little more work than with a German shepherd.

Potential owner: oh, for me owning one of these breeds is partly for social status. I mean I want a breed that combines good looks, awe, strength, intelligence and ability to protect me.

Our opinion: either will fit the bill but the German shepherd fits it better because of the good looks.

Potential owner: besides training, I want the breed that will be generally less demanding both in terms of attention required and care.

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Our opinion: the Rottweiler should be your preferred choice. It requires less exercises and less grooming and you will not have to be picking furs all over the house as compared with the German “shedder”. However the Rottweiler eats more than the German shepherd.

Potential owner: since I will be investing some money to acquire one of these breeds, I want one that will give me the best return on my investment. Health and longevity are the operative words.

Our opinion: like earlier said both breeds feature a long list of potential health problems and leaves very little to choose between the two breeds. The appropriate line of action is to research well for a good breeder and make effort to find out the health problems of the parent breed of your choice since some of the most prominent health problems of these breeds are hereditary.

Always remember that these are potential health problems and not every single dog within the breed will suffer from it. So if you research well and choose the right and honest breeder you can have either breed that is largely free of any serious health issue. And as far as longevity goes the German shepherd has a slightly longer life span than the Rottweiler.

Potential owner: which breed is more powerful?

Our opinion: if for whatever reason you are looking to make your decision on which breed to choose based on which is likely to win in a fight. That is if the German shepherd is set in a duel against the Rottweiler, which breed is likely to win.

Well these are two very powerful dog breeds but even if for the fun of it, the breed that is likely to win will have to be the one with the greater bite force and that clearly is the Rottweiler. With a bite force of 328 pounds (90 pounds more than the German shepherd) and a fearsome fatality bite statistics that ranked the Rottweiler as no 3, this breed can wreck serious damage on both man and animal.

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Which is your breed of choice and why? Let us know in the comment section below.

5 thoughts on “German shepherd vs Rottweiler: One Breed Wins”

  1. Dev Mittal says:

    Rottweiler will win

    1. youre wrong gsd wins next to gsd rott comes

  2. Ayushman Singh says:

    As most of the results……. Both are winners

  3. I think both of these dogs are great dogs, so personally it seems to close to call it, so it comes down to personal opinion.. I know I am bias… To me The Rottweiler is the best

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