golden retriever husky mix bred with the golden retriever and the siberian husky

Golden Retriever Husky Mix Information,Images and Video

The golden retriever husky mix is obviously not a purebred dog and like most hybrid or designer dogs it is generally referred to by the portmanteau name of Goberian. It is a cross of the golden retriever and the Siberian husky.

To have a better understanding of designer dogs, it is essential that you have some basic knowledge of purebred dogs and also what you get when two or more purebred dogs are crossed to produce the hybrid or designer dog like the goberian.

A purebred dog is one that has been bred over a long period of time to the point where the offspring of these dogs are predictable in terms of look, character, temperament, size etc. and these known facts may even be documented thereby providing guidelines (or standard) which breeders must adhere to for that particular breed. This means that a dog that does not meet the standard for that particular breed should not be bred.

Purebred dogs come with a boatload of advantages such as knowing exactly what the breed is capable of doing, may be its good for herding, hunting, sporting, a companion dog, guarding etc. And beyond that you will also know the sort of care, training, exercise, health and much more that is right for that breed. In essence you know what you are acquiring and it is easy to get the required knowledge to care for it.

Designer dogs have seen an explosion in interest from dog lovers over the past many years and this is partly because of their exotic look and also because people believe that they are genetically healthier than purebred dogs.

Before we take a closer look at designer dogs it is helpful to state the difference between a designer dog and a mutt. Mutts are cross breed dogs with unknown pedigree and are usually the result of an accident i.e. two different breeds mate to produce a mutt whereas a designer dog is a conscious effort that involves two or more purebred dogs i.e. dogs with known ancestry.

In simply words, a mutt is a cross breed with unknown parent breeds which may make it more challenging to truly care for a mutt since the knowledge of the parent breeds makes it easier to understand cross breed.

So the big question is: are designer dogs healthier? Designer dogs can still have the same genetic health problems of any of its breed parents; however the percentage of designer dogs with genetic health disorder is far lower than purebred dogs because the gene pool has become widened. The widened gene pool increases the probability that a recessive gene will only be inherited from a single parent breed and therefore will not manifest in the puppy.

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When two purebred dogs are crossed their offspring is the first generation and in order for the first generation pup to inherit the health problem that is caused by a recessive gene, the pup must inherit the recessive gene from both parent breeds.

Since recessive genes will only manifest when it occurs in pairs i.e both parent breeds have the recessive gene which they passed down to the pup but a dominant gene will always manifest either singly or in pair. So even if the first generation pup is a carrier (has only one recessive gene) it will not suffer from the health problem.

However designer dogs are not immune from genetic health disorder in subsequent generation of that hybrid e.g. if two goberian dogs that are carrier of the recessive diseased gene mate then the genetic health problems of the original breed may show up or if a dominant gene is responsible for the disease. Therefore in terms of health issues, the first generation designer dog may be the best option.

When two or more different purebred dogs are crossed to produce a hybrid, you will end up with any combination of any of the characteristics and/or temperament of the parent breeds. You do not have the luxury of knowing for certain what you will get in terms of the temperament, character, size etc. The best way to care for your designer dog goes beyond have an understanding of the hybrid itself but you must have at least basic knowledge of the parent breeds.

If you are satisfy with the general makeup of the parent breeds then the hybrid will be perfect for you and also keep in mind that you may not get only the good characteristics of both parents in the cross.

In order to have a thorough understanding of the golden retriever husky mix, this article will take a detailed look at that  breed in the context of its parent breeds: the golden retriever and the Siberian husky.

Besides being primarily referred to as Goberian, the golden retriever husky mix is sometimes referred to as the Golden retriever husky or Golden husky. Like other cross breeds, the golden retriever husky mix is not recognized by the American kennel club.

The golden retriever husky mix will usually have the blue eyes of the Siberian husky and the golden coat of the golden retriever along with floppy ears and narrow muzzle. But as earlier stated there is no guarantee that every golden retriever husky mix will have this look.

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The table that follow shows the generally breed info of the parent breeds along with some known breed info of the goberian. By knowing the breed info of the parent breeds you will have a better understanding of how the golden retriever husky mix may turn out. It is either a mix of both parent or one parent is dominant in a particular area like the blue eyes of the Siberian husky or the golden coat of the retriever.

golden retriever is one of the parent breeds of the goberian
Golden retriever is one of the parent breeds of the goberian.
siberian husky is one of the parent breeds of the golden retriever husky mix
Siberian husky with the legendary blue eyes is the other parent breed of the goberian.

Breed info of the parent breeds (Golden retriever and the Siberian husky) and the Goberian

 Golden retrieverSiberian huskyGolden retriever husky mix - Goberian
American kennel club ranking (popularity)3rd most popular
13th most popular

Not recognized by AKC

Sporting, gundog, retriever


Will fit into the sporting and/or working group

Ranked No 4 of the world’s brightest dogs

Ranked NO 45Not yet in the ranking but goberian is an intelligent cross breed just like the parent breed

Kid friendly


Above averageGood with kids
Stranger friendly

Very good

ExcellentVery good
Dog friendly

Very good

Very good

Very good


Friendly, gentle, intelligent, devoted and loyal

Independent, intelligent, affectionate, good natured, gentle, friendly, alert, dignified and not aggressive.Loyal, affectionate and friendly, active, affectionate and are generally friendly with everyone.



Average size stats

Male- Height: 23-24 inches, Weight: 65-75 pounds
Female- Height: 21.5-22.5 inches, Weight: 55-65 pounds

Male- Height: 21-23.5 inches, Weight: 45-60 pounds
Female- Height: 20-22 inches, Weight: 35-50 pounds

Males- Height: 21-24 inches, Weight: 45-90 pounds
Females- Height: 20-22 inches, Weight: 35-80 pounds

Pictures of golden retriever husky mix with the golden retriever coat

golden retriever husky mix with the golden retriever coat and husky eyes

A goberian with the golden retriever coat.

golden retriever husky mix with the long coat of the golden retriever and the facial looks of the husky

golden retriever husky mix that look more like a golden retriever than an husky

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