how to house train a dog

How to House Train a Dog Using Simple and Effective Tips

Having your dog doing its business within the house can be pretty irritating and disgusting, this also means more cleanup work for you, therefore every dog owner must learn how to house train a dog.

how to house train a dogDifferent dogs will present different challenges when it comes to house training however there are some basic instincts that will help in your house training of your dog.

It is not unusual for your dog, particularly a puppy to frequently pass out waste either immediately after eating or a few minutes after and at irregular intervals but this is part of the things that you need to bring under your control in order to make house training your dog a success.

Preventing accidents and rewarding success is the key to successful house training.

A basic fact to bear in mind is that it takes about first 6 months for puppies to be completely house trained.

If you observe or feel that there is something unusual about your dog soiling the house, for instance if you dog suddenly start relieving herself in unusual locations and at inappropriate times or she has already been house trained then you may want to consider medical observation as part of the process of resolving the issue.

It may be wise to see your vet and have him rule out the possibilities of a medical condition. Some medical conditions that are traceable to inappropriate defecation and urination are:

  • Gastrointestinal Upset – if your pet is defecating unusually in the house and you observe that her stool looks different e.g. loose stool. She may be suffering from gastrointestinal Upset.
  • Change in her diet – a change in your dog’s diet may result in house soiling problems. It may cause her to eliminate more frequently than usual.
  • Incontinence – urinary incontinence can be result in your dog house soiling. When a dog is suffering from incontinence she may be unaware that she has relieved herself. For older dogs it may be age related incontinence.
  • If you recently administer some medication to your dog and then you notice an unusual house soiling then you may want to visit the vet and have him check if there is any connection between the medication and the house soiling.

Some reasons why a dog may soil in the house

  • If a dog has never been house trained, it is only natural to expect her to relieve herself at the location that she feels like doing so.
  • An incompletely house trained dog may also be guilty of house soiling just like a dog that has never been house trained. Due to the incompleteness of her house training, she may not know how to communicate to her pet parents that she needs to relieves herself outside.
  • A breakdown in house training may results in dogs that had been previous house trained soiling the house.
  • A dog may also develop a preference for a particular surface e.g. on a carpet, on a blanket or on the couch. This could happen when the dog has been house for significant period of time in a particular location and got used to eliminating herself on that surface.
  • A well house trained dog may soil the house due to anxiety. A sudden disappearance of a lovely family member of the addition of disliked person or pet may cause a dog anxiety which may result in house soiling. A dog may also house soil due to separation anxiety when her owner leaves her by herself.
  • Some dogs are just damn afraid to go outside to relieve themselves, so they will simply do their business inside the house. Sometimes rainy conditions and the cold may also be responsible.
  • Some dogs soil the house, particularly urinating in the house for scent marking i.e. a territory claim as commonly seen among the big cat family in the wild. This is a way of passing a message to another dog within the territory that says: “I’m here and this is my territory so keep off”. Dogs that scent mark tend to raise their legs while urinating on vertical surfaces.
  • A dog may also soil the house out of excitement or when rebuked.
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How to resolve house soiling due to a preference for a particular surface

If you notice or think that your dog has preference for a particular surface for relieving herself, then you will need to employ that surface type as part of her house training. For instance if your dog loves to eliminate on concrete and your prefer that she does it on grass in the yard, then get a concrete and lay on the location in the yard where her house training her to eliminate and sprinkle some grass on it.

With the passage of time, gradually increase the quantity of grass on the concrete until she is comfortable with it before you take away the concrete slab.

Solving house soiling due to the fear of going outside

A dog that was raised indoors or one that moved into urban area from the country may be afraid to go outside to relieve herself. As a dog owner it is your responsibility to help them overcome this fear.

how to house train a dog
The dog eliminating outside.

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