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How to Make Homemade Dog Food That is Safe and Healthy

An example of a raw diet that you can put together in under 10 minutes: the raw meat mix.

Raw meat mix consists of the following:

  • Raw ground meat – 1 lb.
  • Pureed or ground vegetables – 2 cups
  • Raw organ meat such as gizzard or liver
  • Apple cider vinegar – half cup
  • Cloves of garlic
  • Ground kelp
  • Plain yogurt – half a cup
  • 3 eggs with the shells
  • Parsley

Puree or chop into small pieces or large in large chunks depending on your dogs preferences and keep in the refrigerator. This mixture makes up 20% – 40% of the daily diet of your dog and the remaining 60% – 80% will consist of raw meat and bones.

Bear in mind that you can always prepare an organic version of just about any homemade dog food. Because organic meat is taken from animals that have been not been fed with animal by products or injected with artificial growth hormones, the quality of the meat is far riches because it has less of the things you don’t want to get into your dog’s diet though at a higher price.

Before we get into how to make cooked homemade dog food, it is quite essential to be aware of some of the benefits and helpful guidelines before you start making your own healthy homemade dog food.

Essential tips for making healthy homemade dog food

  • A balanced diet is the most crucial aspect of making healthy homemade dog food; if the homemade dog food is not balanced then it is useless and not worth it because the primary essence of making your own dog food is defeated.
  • One of vital things that you will learn on how to make homemade dog food is that meat either cooked or raw is the most important ingredient for making a healthy homemade dog food. Your meat choices include: chicken, beef, turkey, buffalo, venison, ostrich, pork, lamb etc
  • Vegetables will provide the needed fiber, vitamins and minerals that your dog needs and vegetables take up one quarter of the meal. Your choice of vegetable should include: carrots, pumpkin, squash, peas, sweet potatoes, broccoli, green beans, peas, yam and zucchini. You should avoid tomato, beet green, potato, chard, raw beans, leek, spinach and bell peppers.

Steps for making your own dog food:

Step 1

The recipes for homemade dog food could be as simple as meat, vegetables, eggs and some starch. Before you switch to homemade dog food it is advisable that your check in with your vet.

When making your own healthy homemade dog food you should bear in mind that dogs require a diet that is 30% starch, 30% vegetables and 40% meat; with this formula you can be sure that your healthy homemade dog food will be providing a balanced diet for your dog.

Step 2

Make sure that the meat you are giving to your dog is cooked and you should also know that organ meats like kidney, liver etc and eggs are excellent food choices for the dog’s diet. You should also know that many experts agree that commercially produced dog foods are unhealthy for dogs because the quality of the meat used in making commercial dog food is unfit for human consumption.

You can make a mixture of carrot, ground turkey and rice for your own your healthy homemade dog food.

Step 3
  • Learn to alternate your healthy homemade dog food so that your dog can get the best of varieties.
  • Allow your dog to enjoy the benefits of garlic which is a natural repellant of fleas.
  • Make use of potatoes, oatmeal, rice and pasta as the source of starch for your dog’s diet.
  • Allow your dog to enjoy the health benefit of eggshells by adding grinded eggshells to the recipes for homemade dog food.
  • Your healthy homemade dog food should not last in the refrigerator for more than 3 days.

Some additional facts to retain about how to make homemade dog food is that raw oat and rice will expand in your dog’s stomach, therefore you should make sure that oat and rice is cooked before serving it to your dog, corn flour and wheat may exacerbate allergy in some dogs, provide your dog with enough eggshell and flaxseed which are excellent sources of calcium and omega-3 respectively.

Despite conflicting opinions regarding dog food some ideals encounter little or no dispute among professionals:

  • Dog require protein
  • Commercial dog foods that have a high percentage of grains provide very little nutrition.
  • Food that is unfit for human consumption is most likely unfit for your dog.

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