How to Start a Dog Breeding Business:Steps to Follow

There are different techniques for breeding dog and every professional breeder must acquire this knowledge in order to be successful in dog breeding.

Caring for the newly born puppies

In the first 3 weeks the mother takes absolute care of the puppies such as stimulating them to use the toilet, cleaning them up and keeping them warm. The mom may appear to be overly protective at this stage. In the first few hours after birth the dam will be feeding the puppies quiet frequently therefore she will need to eat and drink more than usual.

dog breeding business of a litter suckling the dam
A suckling litter.

Any time from the 10th day after birth, the puppies’ hearing will start coming alive and their eyes will start opening up and they will become more active.

Once the puppies are now all over the place, it’s the ideal time to start thinking of registering them with the kennel club if such exist in your country. This process will provide you with the right paper work for the puppies in anticipation of their transition to their new homes so the buyers can register them as the new owners.

From about 21 days you can now start to wean the puppies with the assistance of your vet. By week 5, mom will be producing very little milk and you should at this stage be close to getting them completely weaned by increasing the quantity of food you are serving them and by week 6 they should be completely weaned.


The business part of starting a dog breeding business:

Creating a business plan

If you really want to breed dogs for profit then you should have a business plan which is very important for all businesses including a dog breeding business. Starting a dog breeding business from home does not mean that your dog breeding business should be lacking in any of the professional requirements and having a business plan is one of the professional requirements of any real business. Your dog breeding business plan helps in many ways:

  • Goal setting is the corner stone of very successful business and your dog breeding business plan is where these business goal are clearly spelt out and your strategy for achieving them. Without a business plan you could be flying blind and you don’t have a documented way of checking out your progress.
  • If you are seeking funding from investors, friends or family, your business plan is the document that sells your business intentions to your would-be investor and it will largely determine if you will get the funding for your business or not.
  • As your business evolves your dog breeding business plan should also evolve to reflect the changes. This is an effective way of keeping tabs with your business goals.
  • Not every investor will have to time to go through the details of your dog breeding business plan but most if not all will read your executive summary which should not be too short and not too long. If your executive summary appeals to them then they may at least go through the key points in your business plan.
  • In order to quickly come up with a business plan grab a free sample business plan in the dog breeding category and alter it to suit your needs. This is an excellent starting point for building your own dog breeding business plan.
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Making provision for a dog breeding kennel

Having a dog breeding kennel is essential to a successful dog breeding business; it provides a safe and comfortable accommodation for your breeding dogs and their litter. With a modest amount you can easily acquire a dog breeding kennel for your dog breeding business.

The whelping kit

The whelping kit comes in handy should something go wrong while the bitch is in pregnancy or during delivery. Your whelping kit should include the following:

how to start a dog training business - whelping box
A whelping box should be large enough to accommodate the bitch and the pups.
  • A whelping box that is large enough to accommodation the full spread of the mom and the soon to be born puppies. Remember that the litter size for a large dog may be as much as 14 pups.
  • Some bed sheets, hot water bottle and rags.

The following are part of your whelping kit though you may never need to use them but you should always have them present should the situation demands it:

  • A pair of scissor should the need to help the bitch sever the umbilical cord arises.
  • A pair of surgical gloves.
  • A surgical tool called a hemostat that can be use to staunch blood flow if you had to sever the umbilical cord from the bitch.
  • You will then need a dental floss to tie up the umbilical cord.
  • A ribbon will help you identify each pup, particularly if they look alike.
  • A dog milk substitute should the bitch experience difficulty in feeding her litter.
  • Disposable syringe to feed fluid into the bitch’s mouth if she is too weak after pregnancy to feed herself.

Doing your research and choosing your breed

Once you have dipped yourself well in the knowledge of dog breeding and you are now certain that you are ready for the business part of dog breeding, the first line of action should be an exhaustive research on how to start the dog breeding business and choosing your breed.

168 x 300It is advisable to decide on the dog breed that you intend to breed for business and do not try to be the jack of all trade and a master of none by getting involved with different types of dog breed. You may need to research on the dog breed that you are interested in and get yourself as knowledgeable as possible about that breed.

making money through dog breeding
Dog breeding business.

Regardless of the breed you choose, there will always be a market for it but it may not be lucrative enough in your region and may not be the best for you. However your choice should be influenced by your environment and the prevailing market demand since you intend to breed the dog for business.

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These are some of the basic research questions you must provide answers to

  • What is the market value of the breed in term of price?
  • Can the breed be source locally or do you have to import them?
  • Who are the customers?
  • How popular is the breed when juxtaposed with other breeds?
  • Who are your competitors?
  • Can you compete in the market as a new entrant in terms of your present skills and knowledge in dog breeding and your present financial base?
  • Can you afford to purchase a dam and a stud?
  • Can your budget cater for the dog food, vaccines, etc?
  • What are the expenses involve in the registration of the dog breeding business, your business name and marketing?
  • What about your business plan?
  • If you do not have the financial bases, how and where can you raise the capital?
  • If you get a loan, what is the business plan that you have in place for repaying the loan?
  • Do you have a written projection for the business that you can follow and adjust as the business evolves?
  • Does your financial plan include emergencies such as the cost of paying for a cesarean section which is quiet expensive?

This is very important because your success as a breeder will depend a lot on your expert knowledge of the dog breed that you intend to produce and sell.

Seek state approval

If you want to start a dog breeding business, it is essential that you find out about the laws and requirements for starting a dog breeding business in your locality. This will vary from country to country. Some countries may have certain restriction while in others countries it may be as simple as just registering your business.

Certainly you will need the local authority to grant you a license for your dog breeding business.

Choose a business name that reflects your dog breeding business and if possible the breed of the dog as well.

Insurance policy

If you are breeding dogs for the purpose of making money then you will certainly want to be that wise business owner who will be prepared for any eventuality that may impact your dog business negatively and this is where a comprehensive insurance policy comes in.

You insurance policy should cover you dogs in the event that your dogs get injured, ill, killed or even attack a person including damages to dog breeding equipment.

Purchase your breeding dogs

If you don’t have the studs (male breeding dog) and the dams (female breeding dog) to start out your dog breeding business, then you will need to purchase them. You can reach out to establish breeder and purchase the dog breed of your choice but make sure that the dogs you buy are healthy and meets the breed standard of your choice.

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You may need to get a vet involve when making your purchase.

Market your dog breeding business

After all said and done, if your dog breeding business will ever be rewarding then you have to do some marketing both offline and online. For your online marketing effort, your starting point is having a website of your own through which you can thoroughly market your trade while for your offline marketing effort you may need to do some legwork and local adverts to get the word out about your dog breeding business.

With online marketing your reach and branding for your dog breeding business is almost limitless and you should employ it to the full. Place a lot of attention on these areas of online marketing:

  • Most people who are looking for information, acquiring new knowledge or making a purchase will usually go through the search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. How much success you can achieve if you have search engine visibility will simply blow your mind, you could probably never imagine how much sales you will be making every single day if you can get your website to rank on the first page of the search engines for the right keywords that are relevant to your business. This is perhaps the singular most important reason your should put up a quality website with quality content and get yourself steeped in search engine optimization (SEO) or employ someone to do it for you. Without SEO you cannot expect to rank well in the search engines and you are simply leaving a lot of money on the table.
  • Join face book group for both dog breeder and dog lovers.
  • Go on pinterest and also join large pinterest boards and learn to pin quite regularly both on your own boards and the group boards that you have joined. The dog niche is simply crazy on pinterest and it can easily be a steady flow of daily traffic to your site.
  • Employ the use of classified ads to market your pups.
  • Don’t limit yourself to the foregoing; as your online marketing skills develops you should expand your horizon and check out other social media sites as well like twitter and instagram.

320 x 240

To get into the lucrative dog breeding business, you will require more than just your love for dogs but also the knowledge of how to start a dog breeding business.

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  1. You should alywas go to a breeders land or home. This way, you can look around the whelping or kennel areas to see how the pups or the dogs were raised and lived. If you go to a true breeders home, they will usually ask you exactly what you are looking for in teh dog. If you want a family dog or companion. If you want a protection dog or a show dog. Are you interested in a strong willed dog or a pack member dog. Upon giving your description, they will usually suggest one or two dogs specifically for you but will inform you of other options if you are willing to bend your wishes. At this time, you should request to see the dogs ONE AT A TIME. Any dog can be courageous when in a pack but it is when they are left alone with you that you see the true innate character. Here, one at a time, you can see if the dog is shy or bashfull or eager and happy and playfull. What you want is up to you. Asking to see the parents is a very big plus. You can see if there are any visual problems that may have been genetically passed on to the offspring. Be aware though, not all breeders have both the mother and father of the dogs. Sometimes, studs are brought in from other homes or kennels or they might have artificially inseminated the bitch. When you ask about he parents, see the breeders reaction. If they turn happy or eager you know they were happy with the breeding and with teh combination of mother and father. If they don't, you might want to ask more detailed information such as working background, show backgrounds, conformation, titles, etc.. After deciding which dog you are interested in, next comes the talk about papers. Paperwork is important for many reasons but most of all, because with a registration, you can prove the dog is yours if for what ever reason there is ever a dispute. You will want to ask what kennel club the dogs are registered with as well as request a pedigree on teh dog where you can see at least three generations (parent/grandparent/great grandparents). You do this to see if any linebreedign was done as well as to see the background of the dog. After and only after looking at the pedigree and looking at the dog do I discuss prices for the dogs. Depending on the age, breed, pedigree of the dog, prices can be a couple hundred to a couple thousand dollars. From here, the one thing you WANT to leave with is, obviously the dog, but also the registration paperwork that needs to be sent in to transfer ownership of the dog. Kind of like when you sell or buy a used car, you transfer the pink slip to someone else by signing it over same concept. Afterwords, enjoy your new family member.

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