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Liver Disease in Dogs: The Alternative Treatment

Supplements and diet for liver disease in dogs: based on real world experience diet and supplement has proved to be an effective solution to liver disease in dogs with the aid of medication. Treating liver disease in dogs will require changing the diet to maintain the right nutrition and may vary based on the diagnosis.

Dogs that experience a significant drop in appetite or out rightly refused to eat may have to be force-fed either with feeding tube or syringe.

A daily dose of mineral and vitamin supplements may be necessary in order to prevent deficiencies in dogs suffering from liver disease, such as vitamin k to prevent bleeding and vitamin E, a source of anti oxidant, for the removal of free radicals and the prevention of further oxidation of the damaged liver.

The following section is a reproduction of a diet recipe that has help a lot of dogs suffering from liver disease and even when fed to healthy dogs the result has been quite remarkable. This solution involves home cooked dog food with added supplements.

Alternative treatment for liver disease in dogs: diet recipe
  • Get a big pot and pour in nine cups of water
  • You will need ground turkey (do not use the white meat) – you will need two and a half pounds
  • Brown rice – you need two cups of it
  • Whole oatmeal – you will need two cups
  • Mixed vegetables – you need one large size
  • Chopped broccoli or frozen peas – you need one large size
  • Garlic powder – you need a quarter of the teaspoon

You will need extra whole oatmeal to add into the mixture above so that there is no liquid left flowing and the resulting mixture is little dry.

Put about eight cups of water into the pot and boil the turkey stirring it in the process (the turkey will come apart), then add in the oatmeal and the brown rice and cover it up and then allow it to cook for 40-50 minutes on low heat.

Put in the vegetables and the garlic powder and stir the whole mixture and then allow it to cook for another 10-15 minutes.

Now add in extra half a cup of whole oatmeal at in order to absorb any excess liquid that may remain in the mixture. Do this continually by adding an extra ½ cup of whole oatmeal until you have a somewhat dry mixture. The heat from the mixture will ensure that the oatmeal is edible.

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You can have the food stored in a large plastic and refrigerate it (it will be OK for a week).

At every 6th time you make this food for your canine friend try and replace the ground turkey with the highest possible grade of ground beef you can get. If your pooch is overweight you should add extra green vegetables to bring down the calorie level but if your pooch is underweight then add extra turkey.

Also if you are noticing some new symptoms in your dog, it may be as a result of a reaction to any one of the ingredients used in the food so you should try to find out which of the ingredients is causing the reaction.

The easiest way is to keep one ingredient after the other out of the food and observe to see if there is a difference in your dog’s reaction. You can to start with brown rice and for different dogs it may be a difference ingredient causing the reaction.

When you serving your dog the meal make sure that you stir in the vitamin supplement about half a teaspoon per meal; you can serve twice a day.

Recipe for the vitamin supplement for canine liver disease
  • You need one pound of torula yeast (cultured yeast used as food additive and in medicine, particularly as a source of protein and vitamins).
  • One pound of granulated lecithin; a substance that is widely available in many vegetable and animal sources like eggs, liver, oranges, peanuts, soybeans and beef.
  • Vitamin C – 5,000 milligrams (Ester C Powder).
  • Bone meal of human grade level – half a cup would be OK.
  • Potassium (powdery form) -tiny amount is needed for a salt free diet.
  • Pro Balance vitamin supplement – one can.

Mix all of these together and keep in an airtight container to be added to the meal served your dog; it is very important that you add this supplement to the meal at all time. Buy these ingredients from a health food store and avoid the pet stores.

Extra considerations
  1. Keep away from adding extra salt as this could result in the retention of fluid in your dog.
  2. Add five drops of milk thistle two times a day to your pooch’s food.
  3. Add five drops of Teeter Creeks two times a day to your dog’s food.
  4. Add enzyme capsules as well to the food- just half of it
  5. This is optional but if your dog is experiencing a buildup of fluid than you can add lasix (it is used for the treatment of fluid retention) but should not be necessary on salt free diet.
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Prevention of liver disease in dogs

You should strive to prevent liver disease in your dog by ensuring that you visit the vet regularly for the vaccination and examination.

Most ailments that affects both man and animal has its root cause in diet and liver disease in dogs is no exception; with proper diet the chances of a dog coming down with liver disease is greatly reduced.

Not only is it a well established and accepted fact that diet plays a major role in the treatment of liver disease in dogs but also with the right diet you can keep your dog’ liver well cleansed by feeding a raw diet and potentially increase its life expectancy by as much as 5 years. The key to a maintaining healthy dog liver is locked in his diet.

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