Miniature Golden Retriever: 24 Vital Facts and Images

Miniature golden retriever is a cross breed that has its origin in the United States. It is referred to by different names such as comfort golden retriever, petite golden retriever and mini retriever.

The petite golden retriever is the outcome of selective breeding (cross breeding for specific traits) aimed at satisfying the wishes of lovers of golden retriever who are not very comfortable with the large size of the breed.

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For this reason, golden retriever breeders worked towards producing a designer version of a golden retriever that is smaller in size.

Hence the mini retriever was born and along with it came a new class of dog breeders – the miniature golden retriever breeders.

The mini golden retriever is a cross breed of three different dog breeds: Golden retriever, Poodle and Cocker Spaniel.

Depending on the comfort golden retriever breeder, your miniature golden retriever puppy may have anything from less than 50% to as high as 75% golden retriever genetic makeup while the poodle and cocker makes up the remaining percentage.

Before we take deeper look at the comfort golden retriever, let us first take a brief view of the three dog breed types from which mini golden retriever is bred.

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  1. Roma Dholakia says:

    I have a golden retriever right now. I love golden’s, I am looking for a golden but would like a smaller one. Will this grow their hair like a poodle? I used to have a golden doodle; however,I don’t want that.

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