Raw Diet for Dogs: Benefits of Feeding Your Dog on Raw Diet

The idea of raw diet for dogs has grown in popularity over the past decade, partly influenced by the Australian vet Ian Billinghurst who suggested that dogs will thrive on raw diet which is similar to what wolves, the ancestors of domestic dogs feed on before they were domesticated.

raw diet for puppies
puppies feeding on raw food

Feeding dogs on raw diet is regarded controversial and the reason for this is not far fetched: the opponents of this diet have always based their argument on the fact that there are no scientific researches carried out to justify raw diet for dogs.

Raw dog food emphases bone, raw meat, vegetables and fruits. One fact that no one argues it that for animals to experience optimal health they must feed on foods that they are designed to eat. Therefore vegetarians must feed on vegetation for optimal health and carnivorous must feed on fresh prey for their own optimal health.

While pet food purchased off the shelf have only been around for about a hundred years, animals have always hunted their prey and scavenge for millions of years. Because dogs are resilient species they have been able to adapt to canned food and have been able to withstand significant nutritional abuse without dying.

Because our dogs do not die immediately from nutritional deficiency as a result of feeding on canned food we have managed to deceive ourselves that commercially processed food is good for our dogs.

However we have only succeeded in creating generations of weakened dogs that are suffering from degenerative diseases linked to deficiencies in nutritional.

Some basic fact to keep in mind about dog food

It should be noted that carbohydrates are not essential to the diet of carnivorous and should not be fed with grains that metabolizes to sugar.

Because commercial dog food requires intense heat during processing, the benefits of the minerals, enzymes and vitamins in the food is already destroyed by the heat. This means that off the shelf canned dog food will require the lost nutrients to be supplemented.

The heating process also makes it difficult for dogs to digest the amino acids.

It is also well known that meat based protein is far easier to digest by dogs than plant based protein.

raw dog foodWhile a lot of people do not associate disease with diet, there are those who realize the connection but just don’t give a damn.

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Optimal nutrition

  • Dogs require fat, quality protein, small quantity of fruits and vegetable. The fruits and vegetable provide fiber and antioxidants.
  • Because the soil in which food is grown lacks many of the nutrients our dogs need, therefore fatty acids, vitamins and natural sources of trace minerals must be added. Food storage like freezers also decreases the level of fatty acids in food.
  • Dog need fresh, unadulterated, whole food that is dense in moisture.
  • They do not need fillers, grains, chemicals, artificial preservatives, additives or processed foods.
  • Dog should be feed on species appropriate diet (high in moisture content, low in carbohydrates and unprocessed food).
  • Provide your dog with everything she need (whole food that is nutritionally complete) and keep away those that does not benefit her.

Some well documented benefits of feeding dogs on raw diet include:

  • Healthier skin
  • Smaller stool and no dog odor
  • An increase in energy level
  • Shining coats
  • A much cleaner teeth
  • Low or non existing vet bills
  • Less costly compared to dog food
  • It enable puppies to grow at the appropriate rate
  • The chewing of the raw meaty bone helps to develop the shoulder, jaws and neck muscles of the dog. This never happen with commercial dog food.

Raw diet for dogs consists of the following:

  • Raw meat including the bone
  • Bare bones
  • Organ meats like kidneys and livers
  • Raw eggs
  • Vegetables such as spinach, broccoli and celery
  • Dairy products like yogurt
  • Apples and other fruits

Raw diet is of great benefit to most animals and dog’s digestive system is able to process raw diet without being vulnerable to the organisms in meats which get destroyed through cooking. Dogs feeding on raw diets can achieve a much better overall health compared to dog feed on commercial food.

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