short haired german shepherd

Short Haired German shepherd Facts and Pictures

short haired German shepherd and puppy

short haired German shepherd

short haired German shepherd with less hair

short haired german shepherd with nice black coat color

How to identify short or long coated German shepherd puppy

  • Any time from 5 weeks old, a long haired German shepherd puppy start growing extra hair at the back of the ears, paws.
  • Long hair puppies look different from other pups in the litter.
  • Long haired pups have an unusually distinctly darker shiny heads and facial markings that are not very visible when compared to their litter mates.
German shepherd dog grooming
German shepherd dogs need regular grooming

Short haired German shepherd vs. long haired

short and long haired German shepherd dogs
Short and long haired German shepherd dogs
  • Long haired GSD have a silkier and softer coat, bushy tail and generally more hair compared with the short coated GSD.
  • Unlike their short double coated counterpart the long coated German shepherd do not have water resisting coat.
  • The long haired German shepherd dogs are the predecessor of the short coated German shepherd. The breed standard was set by the SV club in Germany from the requirements of the long haired but strangely, the long haired was said to fall short of the German shepherd breed standard.
  • Since the German shepherd dog (GSD) was primarily developed as a working dog, it was considered that the absence of an undercoat will hinder their working ability. Therefore it is considered that the long coated fall short of the standard required for the German shepherd dog.
  • According to the American kennel club (AKC), it is only the double coated short coated German shepherd dog (GSD) that is within the restrictions of the German shepherd breed standard. The long coated GSD is considered a fault in the breed.
  • In fact the only place where a distinction between long haired and short haired German shepherd becomes obvious is if you choose to enter your GSD for conformation dog show. Long coated German shepherd dog is considered a serious fault in conformation dog shows and will not be accepted.
  • Like earlier stated, the major difference between short coated and long haired is primarily in the length of the coat.
  • Both coat length require lots of grooming but in certain environment (e.g. on a farm) long hair German shepherd grooming can be a nightmarish experience in order to maintain their coat.
  • Long haired GSDs will also require more maintenance to keep the fleas and ticks off them compared to the short coated.
  • Short coated German shepherd dogs are very common while the long haired versions are quite rare because the gene of the long hair is recessive. Though there are some breeders these days that focus majorly on breeding only long haired.
  • In order for parent GSDs to produce a long coated pup, both parents must have the recessive long haired gene. So if both parents are short haired German shepherd dogs and carriers of the recessive genes then they could produce long haired German shepherd puppies.
  • Another reason the long haired GSD is rare is because a lot of GSD breeders shy away from breeding the long haired since it does not meet the acceptable standard for conformation dog show.
  • Most long haired GSD owners consider the long haired GSDs to be quite beautiful. It’s one of the reasons why the long haired GSD is so loved.
  • Lovers of the long haired GSD say that it has a milder temperament than the short haired GSD. They are therefore more likely to be better pets than working dogs compared to their short coated counterpart. There is no scientific evidence to justify the milder temperament
  • Most importantly, the German shepherd either short or long haired remain one of the world’s most intelligent and versatile dog breed and they must be well trained in order to get the best out of them.


Two beautiful long haired German shepherd dogs
Two gorgeous looking looking long haired German shepherd dogs
wolf looking long haired German shepherd
So much long coat, this German shepherd looks like a wolf
black long coat German shepherd
Black long coated German shepherd
lion looking long haired German shepherd
This long coated German shepherd dog looks like a lion.
white long haired German shepherd
Long haired white coat German shepherd
long haired German shepherd with nice coat color
A beautiful long coat German shepherd with a nice coat color.

Short haired dogs that don’t shed

If you are bothered by the shedding rate of the GSD or if what you are looking for is a short haired dog that doesn’t shed, then here is a list of some short haired dogs that don’t shed or shed least.

  1. Dalmatian
  2. Boston Terrier
  3. Whippet
  4. Boxer
  5. Rottweiler
  6. Mastiff
  7. Bloodhound
  8. Great Dane
  9. English Foxhound
  10. Miniature Pinscher
  11. Italian Greyhound
  12. Vizsla
  13. Harrier

What about the short haired German shepherd pointer?

short haired German shepherd pointer
A short haired German shepherd pointer

Some people think that a short haired German shepherd is the same as a short haired German shepherd pointer. So I will like to spend a few words clarifying this issue.

The short haired German shepherd pointer is a completely different breed from the popular German shepherd dog (GSD) breed. The short haired German shepherd pointer has a short coat just like the short haired German shepherd and also originated in Germany.

The short haired Germany shepherd pointer (GSP) was primarily developed as a hunting dog while the popular GSD was developing for herding. So the short haired GSP is used by the hunter while the popular GSD as evolved over the decades and has become an excellent working dog.

Short haired GSP is a member of the America kennel club (AKC) sporting group while the popular GSD is in the herding group.


Short haired GSP compared with short haired GSD

Short haired GSPShort haired GSD
Smart, friendly and eager to pleaseCourageous, confident and friendly
Medium sizeLarge size
Short coatShort to medium coat
Occasional groomingOccasional grooming
Requires a lot of exerciseNot as much exercise
Barks only when necessaryBarks only when necessary

Long and short haired German shepherd mixes

The following is a list of some of the common and interesting German shepherd mixes regardless of the length of hair of the German shepherd:

German shepherd Border collie mix

Both the German shepherd and the Border collie were bred primarily for herding and these are pretty intelligent dog breeds. Border collie is considered to be the most intelligent dog breed with the German shepherd coming third.

They are both working dogs and the combination of both results in a very intelligent working dog that requires a good douse of exercises as an outlet for the abundance of energy they posses.

They are very easy to train but also require a firm handler.

German shepherd and standard poodle mix (Shepadoodle)

This very intelligent hybrid dog is a cross breed of the German shepherd (NO 3 most intelligent dog breed) and the standard poodle (NO 2 most intelligent dog breed).

It’s a low to zero “shedder”.

German shepherd Siberian husky mix (Gerberian Shepsky)

Both parent breed of the Gerberian Shepsky (German shepherd and Siberian husky) are working dogs, therefore you should not expect anything less from this hybrid dog. They have a lot of energy that will need to be provided outlet through exercises and they are easy to train.

Gerberian Shepsky is a heavy “shedder” that will require regular grooming.


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