tips to stop dog barking

Stop Dog Barking: Tips for Curbing Excessive Barking

When you dog starts barking and you want her to stop barking, try one of tricks in your list of distractions. If one does not work try another and over time you will get to know the distractions that will work in certain situation.

But it does not take a genius to know that one of the distractions that will be very effective in most situations is the yummy food treat.

A less obvious but subtly effective way to prevent excessive dog barking is to ensure that your dog gets enough daily mental and physical exercises because a tired dog is less likely to bark out of boredom and frustration.

This approach is very effective if pent up energy is the cause of the excessive barking, the mental and physical exercises is a good way to release the energy in a productive way.

If you feel that all of these approach to at preventing excessive barking is just a bit too much for you and don’t have the time and attention to get all of these working, then you may want to try the bark collars.

With the bark collars, interrupters are automatically set off when the dog starts barking. These bark collars function differently, some will release a blast of air, some others will emit noise or electrical stimulation.

If you put these tips on how to stop dog barking into practice, then you will be pleasantly surprise at the results you will get.



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