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German shepherd husky mix information, pictures and videos

German shepherd husky mix is not a purebred dog which is a fact about all cross breeds or designer dogs. The German shepherd husky mix is a cross of the German shepherd and the Siberian husky and it is generally referred to by the portmanteau name: Gerberian Shepsky which is a simple merging of German/Siberian and Shepherd/husky.

The German shepherd husky mix is a good example of the modern day cross breeding practice that involves the use of two or more purebreds to produce a cross breed that is fancifully referred to as designer dog.

In order to be able to effectively handle any designer dog it is essential that one have some basic understanding of the outcome of cross breeding and the difference between purebreds and designer dogs.

The German shepherd and the Siberian husky are purebred dogs and by definition a purebred is a breed that has been bred over a sufficient length of time during which all of the traits and characteristic (both physical and non physical) of the breed has been fused in.

This means that just by merely looking at a dog you can tell what breed that it belongs to, for example the coat color and coat patterns of the German shepherd and the looks simply identifies the dog as a German shepherd.

While the blue eyes, the looks, coat color and curly tail of the Siberian husky are the very obvious physical appearance of the breed.

So if you see a dog that falls short of the physical traits and characteristics of a particular breed then that dog is either not of the breed it appears to look like or it is not a purebred.

The overwhelming importance of purebred is that you already know exactly how that breed looks like but more importantly its behavior, it strength and weaknesses. Therefore when you need a dog to serve a particular purpose such as pet, herding, sporting, hunting, companion etc you know the range of breeds to research into.

This is the primary reason why purebreds are very important, celebrated and protected by the kennel clubs around the world to ensure that they are not compromised by poor breeding.

Designer dogs on the other hand are not purebreds but are similar to mutts. The fundamental difference between the two is that designer dogs are cross breeds that involve two or more known purebreds while mutts are a product of unknown parent breeds.

This means that it is far easier to get the best out of designer dogs as opposed to mutts because every product of cross breeding is a combination of the parent breed i.e. you only need to apply the knowledge required for handling any of the parent breed in the cross to the offspring in the area where that parent breed is dominant.

However in the case of the mutt, you are flying blind since mutts are of unknown pedigree.

What all of this clearly mean is that before acquiring a designer dog like the German shepherd husky mix you must have a good understanding of the parent breeds involve in the cross breeding and you should only go ahead to acquire the cross breed if you are comfortable with everything about the parent breeds.

This is because with a designer dog you will end up with any combination of the characteristics and/or traits of the parent breeds. So if you are not 100% comfortable with everything about the German shepherd and the Siberian husky then you should avoid acquiring a Gerberian Shepsky.

In order to effectively handle a Gerberian Shepsky the owner must have a decent knowledge of both parent breed and because it is not a purebred it is almost impossible to predict accurately how the offspring will turn out to be. The only certainty is that a Gerberian Shepsky will have traits of the German shepherd and the Siberian husky.

As a result of this fact, even the pups from the same litter can differ greatly in looks, characteristics, traits, behavior and temperament. So you cannot even use the outcome of a pup from a litter to predict how another pup from the same litter will turn out to be.

Pictures of German shepherd husky mix pups and adult

german shepherd husky mix puppy with the blue eyes of the husky

black german shepherd husky mix

four german shepherd husky mix puppies

cute gerberian shepsky

german shepherd husky mix with the german shepherd eyes

black and white german shepherd husky mix with the blue eyes of the siberian husky

german shepherd husky mix puppy with outstanding blue eyes of the husky

Why cross these breeds?

One of the fundamental questions that ought to be asked about designer dogs is: why the cross breeding of purebreds? In the case of mutts, it is understandable that mutts are usually not the conscious effort of breeders but the outcome of different dog breeds getting themselves involved in random mating in street corners and open places or wherever the urge catches them.

But why are breeders cross breeding and why is there an increasing interest in designer dogs around the world?

There are a number of reasons for the increasing interest in designer dogs both on the side of the breeders and dog owners. On the side of the breeders, the pecuniary gains are ever present but on the side of dog owners two things stand out: better health and exotic looks.

Designer dogs have been found to be much healthier than their parent breeds and this fact is supported by genetic which we will get into shortly. Also designer dogs like the German shepherd husky mix are some of the most beautiful dogs you can find anywhere in the world.

The underlying genetics of cross breeding

The involvement of man in dog breeding and the drive to produce the hundreds of purebreds has produced one significant downside: a large number of health problems that has serious impact on both the body and behavior of these purebreds.

The breeding method (selective breeding) that is at the heart of producing purebreds also means that some unwanted traits and genes will be passed down the bloodline. This also means that even rare and unwanted genes like those that cause health problems will not only stay in the bloodline but their frequency will increase resulting in more dogs within the breed suffering from those health problems.

Health problems in dogs could be caused by recessive genes or dominant genes and because genes occur in pairs a pup can only suffer from a health problem caused by recessive genes if it inherits a recessive gene from both parents to form a pair.

On the other hand, pups only need to inherit a single dominant gene from either parent in order to suffer from a genetic health problem.