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Stop Dog Barking: Tips for Curbing Excessive Barking

Stop dog barking.

Truth must be told, dogs are born to bark but when our dogs are barking excessively and for no apparent reason then we need to know how to stop dog barking. There is really no problem with a dog barking but getting the dog to be quiet when asked to do so.

There are several reasons why a dog may be barking; it maybe raising an alarm or a warning sign to its owner or other animals, it may be out of excitement, it may be trying to attract attention or simply out of fear. We certainly do not want to stop the dog barking if it is attempting to ward off an intruder or raising an alarm to alert us of danger.

Curbing the excessive dog barking of your dog will not happen overnight and it takes practice, work, time and consistency.

Effective tips on how to curtail excessive barking

The very first step to stop excessive barking of your dog is to make sure that you do not react to your dog when she barks; most dog owners fall victim of this by shouting at the dog to stop barking, which might suggest to the dog that you are pleased by her barking – by barking back at her- thereby inadvertently encouraging the noisy behavior.

stop dog barking
Stop excessive puppy barking.

Rather than trying to stop your dog when she is barking, you need to ignore him and by so doing you will be in a better position to observe what may be triggering the barking. You need to be able to uncover what is making the dog bark in order to stop it.

Do not try to stop your dog from barking by rewarding her with a treat in order to keep her mouth busy.

The next step after you have taken yourself out of the picture is to uncover the cause of the incessant barking. You could do this by paying attention to your environment, particularly the direction your dog is facing while barking, this way you are more likely to see what may be triggering the barking.

Some of the reasons for incessant dog barking:

  • Your dog could be barking out of excitement, watch her tail if she is waging it while barking.
  • She may be expressing territorial aggression when an intruder gets into her territory.
  • It may also be due to fear, if her tail is hid between her hind legs and the ears are laid backwards then she may be scared of something.
  • If your dog is bored and with lots of energy to spare she may be barking incessantly.
  • Your dog will certainly bark if she is uncomfortable or hungry.
  • Medical problem may also be the reason behind excessive barking such as brain damage, bee sting or an ongoing pain. Canine senility in older dogs may cause excessive barking so it is always a good idea to have your dog check by your vet.

After you have uncovered the cause of the barking, the natural thing to do is to see how you can stop the dog barking by taking away the source of motivation for the barking. This could be as simple as closing the door to keep her from the sight that may be triggering the barking – never allow your dog the privilege to keep up the barking behavior by not getting rid of the source of motivation.

stop dogs barking
How to stop your dog’s incessant barking.

When you identify the source(s) of irritation behind your dog barking, you have to work towards desensitizing her from the irritation by getting her accustomed to it. If you do this, then you should be rest assured that your dog will always bark whenever that source of irritation shows up.

Steps on how to stop your dog barking by getting rid of the source of irritation

  • Let’s assume that your dog can’t stop barking when she sees other dogs. This means the source of irritation is another dog.
  • Begin by keep the source of irritation at a distance that is far enough not to provoke the barking. In this case you could have your friend stand afar with his dog.
  • Next thing is to start feeding your dog with treats that she really enjoys while your friend approaches with the other dog.
  • When you friend and his dog have passed you by and disappeared out of view stop the feeding.
  • Repeat these steps until your dog stops barking.
  • Bear in mind that when you start your dog may still bark at the source of irritation even with the treat in her view but if you persist she will get accustom to the irritation.

One of the dog barking solutions to overcome excessive dog barking is to provide obedience training for your dog by teaching her the quiet command. Begin by teaching your dog how to bark on your command by saying in a loud and clear tone “BARK” and then reward him with a treat if she does so, then follow up by saying “QUIET” while she is still barking; If she stops barking then reward him with another treat.

Do not use negative reinforcement to teach a dog to stop barking such as raising your voice, spanking or speaking in a negative tone. Negative reinforcement will only make your dog afraid of you and it is not guarantee that it will make the dog stop the excessive barking.

Do this about 3 times a day for 10 minutes for each training session until she gets it.

Yet another way to stop your dog barking is to try and create some form of distraction for your dog when she starts to bark. The basic idea behind this approach requires you to have in your arsenal a list of interesting things you could use to distract your dog when she starts barking – we are talking of things that she cannot do and keep barking at the same time.