How to Start a Dog Breeding Business:Steps to Follow

Dog breeding business is a lucrative venture though it may be demanding in terms of time and effort and will also require some financial investment, but before you can start making money from breeding dogs it is very important that you have a good grasp of the processes involve in how to start a dog breeding business.

How to start a of dog breeding business.

Dog breeding business can be hugely rewarding and can provide a constant […] Continue Reading…

Grooming For Dogs:Keeping Your Dog Well Groomed

Dog grooming is very important.

Grooming for dogs is very essential for keeping your dog healthy, clean, preventing infection from matted hair, teeth related diseases due to lack of care, excessive wax in the ears which may result in ear infections.

Grooming your dogs at home is a task every dog owner has to master if you want to avoid a possible situation where your dog may develop a health problem as a result of little or […] Continue Reading…

Dog Illnesses Symptoms: Common Signs of a Sick Dog

Behavioral changes are the first signs of a sick dog.

In the lifetime of a dog, it is not uncommon for a dog to develop an illness and because dogs cannot verbally express this, it is therefore very important for dog owners to know how to detect symptoms of dog illnesses.

There are quite a variety of symptoms and signs that dogs give off when they are unwell and they do so either consciously or unconsciously and […] Continue Reading…

Dog Cancer Treatment:Options for Keeping Your Dog Alive

Early detection is the best cure for canine cancer.

Gone are the very terrible days of limited or zero options when it comes to dog cancer treatment, these days there are quite a handful of options for treating cancer in dogs. Some dogs with cancer may experience remission when treated while some may be cured but the best that we can truly expect is better quality of life for our dogs.

Taking care of dogs with cancer […] Continue Reading…

Build a Dog House:How I Built Mine in 14 Easy Steps

Building your own dog house is an inexpensive way to create a special and customized house for man’s best friend.

In this article you do not need to worry about unraveling the plan of a dog house because it is integrated into the following simple, short and practical 14 step processes that just about anyone can follow to build his own dog house.

Before setting out to build a dog house it is essential that you have a general understanding of […] Continue Reading…

Stop Dog Barking: Tips for Curbing Excessive Barking

Stop dog barking.

Truth must be told, dogs are born to bark but when our dogs are barking excessively and for no apparent reason then we need to know how to stop dog barking. There is really no problem with a dog barking but getting the dog to be quiet when asked to do so.

There are several reasons why a dog may be barking; it maybe raising an alarm or a warning sign to its owner […] Continue Reading…

Dogs with Cancer: Essential Facts about Canine Cancer

There is hope for dogs with cancer.

Cancer is the leading cause of canine death and according to Morris Animal Foundation the percentage of dogs with cancer is quite high with 1 out of every 4 dogs likely to die from cancer. About 50% of dogs that are over 10 years old die of cancer or related issues and it’s the cause of death in 23% of dogs of all ages with lymphoma as the leading […] Continue Reading…

Home Cooked Dog Food Recipes: Balanced Diet for Dogs

Home cooked dog food.

The content of this article is about balanced and healthy home cooked dog food recipes that will help you keep your dog away from the many questionable commercially produced dog food. You cannot be feeding your dog with a healthy diet if the essential ingredients are either missing or fed in excess.

For your dog’s nutritional needs to be fully met, you have to ensure that your dog’s diet is balanced and complete. […] Continue Reading…

Dog Breeding Info:Steps for Successful Dog Breeding

Though a demanding venture, dog breeding can be pretty rewarding if you have the appropriate dog breeding info necessary to help you make a success of it.

Dog breeders naturally fall into 2 categories: a novice dog breeder or an experienced dog breeder. And for the person who is yet to at least have her bitch give birth to a puppy, he does not qualify to be referred to as a dog breeder.

This article will take an exhaustive view on […] Continue Reading…

Signs of Cancer in Dogs:Vet’s 13 Common Warning Signs

Knowing the signs of cancer in dogs can make the difference between life and death for your canine friend.

The mere thought of cancer infection either in dogs or human beings strikes fear and sorrow in the hearts of those concerned, but cancer is no longer a death sentence and signs of cancer in dogs can provide early warnings that can greatly increase the chances of survival for the dog.

Cancer is as a result of uncontrolled […] Continue Reading…

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