How to Make Homemade Dog Food That is Safe and Healthy

The last two decades has seen a steady rise in the number of dog owners who has shown a willingness to learn how to make homemade dog food partly because dog owners can decide on the quality of the food their dog feeds on and with the added advantage that healthy homemade dog food are generally cheaper than commercial dog food.
Homemade dog food generally falls into 2 categories:

Raw food diet in which you primarily feed your dog on […] Continue Reading…

How to Train a Dog: Simple Tips for Training Your Dog

How to train a dog.

There is certainly more than one way to train your dog, and dog training does not have to be a chore if you will take the time to learn the simply ways of how to train a dog.

Training your dog should be part of your daily relationship with your dog which takes away the work out of it and your dog will gradually evolve into a better behaved and social pet.

A […] Continue Reading…

Recipes for Homemade Dog Food: Quality Diet For Dogs

There is no questioning the fact that homemade dog food is clearly the best option for any dog owner who wants to be certain about the quality of ingredients that go into the diet of his dog with the additional benefit of a lower cost, for this reason it is very important to know the proper recipes for homemade dog food.

You do not need to be an expert in nutrition to be able to come up the proper recipe […] Continue Reading…

Diet Dog Food: Healthy Cure for Overweight Dogs

Without mincing words, if your dog is overweight then you need to know about diet dog food in order to cut back on the excess weight and help your dog’s overall health. A dog that is overweight or out rightly obese needs to be put on a diet.
Health risk of an obese or overweight dog
Just as in humans, extra weight on your dog put extra demands on almost all the organs of her body. Overloaded body organ increases the […] Continue Reading…

Raw Diet for Dogs: Benefits of Feeding Your Dog on Raw Diet

The idea of raw diet for dogs has grown in popularity over the past decade, partly influenced by the Australian vet Ian Billinghurst who suggested that dogs will thrive on raw diet which is similar to what wolves, the ancestors of domestic dogs feed on before they were domesticated.

puppies feeding on raw food

Feeding dogs on raw diet is regarded controversial and the reason for this is not far fetched: the opponents of this diet have […] Continue Reading…

How to House Train a Dog Using Simple and Effective Tips

Having your dog doing its business within the house can be pretty irritating and disgusting, this also means more cleanup work for you, therefore every dog owner must learn how to house train a dog.

Different dogs will present different challenges when it comes to house training however there are some basic instincts that will help in your house training of your dog.

It is not unusual for your dog, particularly a puppy to frequently pass out waste either immediately after […] Continue Reading…

How to Train Your Puppy: Tips for a Better Behaved Puppy

Puppies need to be trained

Puppies are a lot of fun to be with but they equally demand lots of attention, care and time in order to be well brought up; besides grooming, playing with, feeding and taking to the veterinarian about the most important thing that you must know is how to train your puppy otherwise you will not get the best out of her.

In this article I will be talking about the two most […] Continue Reading…

Dog Skin Cancer: Different Types and Alternative Treatment

Dog skin cancer is the most common type of cancer found in dogs but full blown skin cancer does not appear suddenly on a dog’s skin, it usually starts out as a bump, lump etc. and this is good news for every dog owner because early detection of those strange and foreign swellings on your dog’s body increases the chances of survival if these growths turn out to be cancerous.

Since dog skin cancer usually starts out as visible swellings […] Continue Reading…

How to Make Dog Food: A Complete Guide

With the dangerous preservatives, artificial additives and vitamin fortifications that goes into the production of commercially made dog food, it has become very essential for every dog owner that truly cares for his furry friend to learn how to make dog food otherwise the health and indeed the life of that dog is been put in jeopardy.

While these poor quality commercial dog foods (but rich in waste materials) may not appear harmful to your dog in the short term […] Continue Reading…

Recipes for Dog Treats: 12 Easy Homemade Dog Treats

As a dog owner it is ideal to always have some recipes for dog treats that you can always put to use if you want to prepare some delicious homemade treats for your dog. Even if you can afford to buy commercial dog treats, homemade dog treats gives you the advantage of being in charge of your dog’s diet at cheaper price.

Homemade dog treats are inexpensive and easy to make.

Having a list of recipes for […] Continue Reading…

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