Obedience Training for Dogs: Basic Dog Training Tips

There are two major types of dog training, which are behavioral dog training and obedience training for dogs.

Behavioral dog training is aimed at correcting the bad habits of your dog such as car chasing, jumping, chewing, furniture jumping etc.

Get your dog’s attention.

It is very essential to be consistent during behavioral training, so that you do not end up confusing your dog. For instance do not allow your puppy on the bed if you will not […] Continue Reading…

Make Your Own Dog Food That is Safe and Healthy

It is no news these days that the cheapest way to raise your dog in a healthy way is to make your own dog food; not only is this approach cheap but it gives dog owners absolute control of what goes into the guts of their beloved furry friends.

Making your own dog food is clearly one of the best ways of ensuring that you always have quality dog food at hand for your canine pet.

Most pet owners cannot forget […] Continue Reading…

How to Become a Dog Trainer: Simple Steps For Beginners

So you want to learn how to become a dog trainer? The fact that there are no formal paths to learning how to become a dog trainer makes pursuing your interest as a dog trainer more of a personal walk. This means that the full weight of the responsibility of becoming a dog trainer rest fully on your shoulders, therefore you have to find out the necessary steps that you need to follow in order to arrive at your […] Continue Reading…

Dog Skin Infection:Symptoms and Inexpensive Treatment

Dog skin infection can be a major source of frustration for dog owners and their dogs; dog skin infection manifest in many different forms and is usually caused by fungal, bacteria, parasites and sometimes dog allergies play a part. Some dog skin infections impacts only the surface of the skin while other skin infections may penetrate deep into the tissues.

Skin infection in dogs

Some skin problems in dogs may also result in dog skin infection since […] Continue Reading…

Good Dog Food for Your Dog’s Good Health and Longevity

What is a good dog food? This is one of the most common questions that veterinarians are asked by dog owners who sincerely want to feed their canine friends with the best dog food regardless of the cost.

Dog salivating for the food.

Just like human beings, the health and the longevity of your dog depends on the food that you feed him; food has the capacity to harm or heal your dog and it is the […] Continue Reading…

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