Do Terriers Make Good Pets?

When it comes to welcoming a pet dog to your squad, being sceptical about the breed is common. You might sit here and wonder which breed is ideal and will fit into your family. Patterdale Terrier makes an amazing fit into any family dynamics, thanks to their calm, yet joyful personality and approach.

If you are considering purchasing a pup or adopting one, we’d recommend you read this article first.

How Big Do Terriers Get?

When choosing a dog breed for your family, you need to know how big an adult version of a specific dog breed will get. This enables individuals to scope if they have the space to provide them with. If you live in an apartment, getting a larger breed will become difficult to manage.

That said, terriers are smaller breed dogs. However, they are very active and have outgoing personalities. So, if you can’t provide them with enough space to jump around and explore, there’s no point getting one.

What Is The Behavior And Personality Of A Terrier?

Terriers are amazing and loyal companions. Besides being super active and playful, terriers are also highly alert and are always on the lookout for danger around them. So, if they find something amiss, they will charge through to ensure everyone is safe.

But, besides that, they have a very sporadic and fun behavior and personality. They are also quite independent, which means that you won’t always find them reaching out for your affection. Don’t be deterred by that because they need their fair share of loving from time to time.

Also, if you live in a home or apartment that doesn’t encourage noisy dogs, you are going to have to reconsider a different breed since terriers have a voice that’s going to mess up everyone’s sleeping schedule. More or less, terriers make an amazing company that you won’t regret buying or adopting.

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