Here’s How You Can Take Care Of Your Pet During Monsoon Season

As the monsoon weather starts, it’s time to pay extra attention to your furry friend. Rains may clean up the entire surrounding area, but the pet owner should take possible precautions to prevent their pet from getting sick. To keep their health unchanged, it is important to make them exercise every day and keep them away from moisture. Try some useful tips for caring for your dogs during the rainy season.

Watch For Infection

It is really irritating to dogs when they have infections. Infections are typically common during the rainy season. Symptoms that your dog has an infection or allergies are: excessive licking of body parts, scratching, smelling ears, and itching. Itchiness can suggest fungal/bacterial infections or allergies. These may be caused by the inability of moisture to escape from the surface of the skin. Dog breeds with deep skin folds, such as boxers and pugs, are vulnerable to such skin infections. Be sure to contact your vet if you find signs of infection or allergies.

Feed Clean, Boiled Water

Make sure your pet doesn’t drink the water logged from outside, so drinking this water will lead to waterborne diseases. Avoid excess meat foods and avoid high fiber content processed foods.


A lot of rainy season diseases are due to parasites. Monsoon is the most preferred mating season for ticks and fleas. Clean your pet’s hair and wash it at least twice a day during the monsoon rains to avoid ticks. If your pet has already been infected with ticks, stop medicating it yourself, contact your vet. You can also buy a Vetscan Flex4 rapid test kid to diagnose any tick borne disease. You’ll have to have to clean the coat with anti-tick shampoo, and even remove and kill the ticks individually. Check with your vet if your pet can benefit from deworming, and check his next vaccination program. Make sure your pet doesn’t skip any of their vaccinations because of the rainfall.

Keep Paws Dry

If you chose not to put rain boots on your furry buddy, make sure that we dry their paws properly after a stroll. Some dogs don’t like wearing rain boots, but dry paws are important for their wellbeing. If you can persuade them to wear a boots, it’ll keep their pet’s paws dry and prevent slipping, stumbling, and would also keep their paws in good shape. In addition, it also helps keep your house tidy, with no messy muddy claw marks.

Clean the Ears

During the rainy season, moisture is quickly stored in the ears. Because of this, ear wax and moisture mix together and induce ear infections. So you have to keep your pet’s ears dry, particularly after they’re done playing outside. If your pet’s ears are closed for a long time, tie it over his head to keep it dry.

Close Exit And Entrance

Make sure the pet door is locked. You will need to block it or insulate it. Keep the regular door closed too. This way your pet isn’t going to leave without approval. It’s really critical when it’s raining. It’s going to hold warm air inside your house and keep the frosty air from slipping in.

Know that prevention is better than infection. The above dog care tips for the monsoons are not hard to follow. It is very essential to give more time to your caring, faithful friend’s safety and wellbeing. 

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