How Do Dog Splints Work?

It is very common for veterinary professionals to recommend using splints when your dog is recovering from an injury. Pet dog splints can be used below the knee or elbow on the hind or front leg of your dog to aid healing and minimize discomfort and pain.

But have you ever wondered how do these splints work? Take a look-

What are Pet Splints?

Elbow or shin bone injuries are very common in protection dogs. Apart from injuries, broken bones in the leg due to an accident or injury are regularly witnessed among dogs. When your dog is healing from an injury or has a fracture, veterinary professionals often recommend the affected area to be covered with a splint.

Splints are temporary medical devices that are generally made from plastic or metal. You can also find splints made from plaster or fiberglass. They are covered in comfortable cloth material and often feature a Velcro strip for ease of use.

How to Pet Splints Help Dogs?

Pet splints are one of the best ways to keep the injured leg of your dog in the normal walking position. They also keep the injured area protected and offer enhanced support to make it easier for your dog to move around when he/she is recovering from the injury.

Pet dog splints from top brands also feature a dense foaming layer to offer cushion to the injured leg when your dog tries to walk.

What are the Common Conditions in Which Pet Splints Are Recommended?

Pet splints are commonly recommended in conditions like-

  • Osteoarthritis of metacarpal or carpal joints
  • Polyarthritis
  • Degenerative Joint Disease (DJD)
  • Post-surgical protection
  • Achilles tendon injury

Tips to Use Pet Splints Effectively

If a veterinary professional has recommended pet dog splints for your dog, here are a few tips you should keep in mind-

  • Always keep the pet dog splints dry
  • Avoid using the splints at night to let your dog’s leg breathe
  • Consider using a wrist hugger or hock hugger to offer light support to the injured joint when a splint is not in use

Purchasing the Right Dog Splints

Splints are clinically proven to help pets when they are recovering from a leg injury. So, ensure that you choose a reputed brand for your purchase.

Consider splints that can be easily customized by trimming for a secure and comfortable fit. You can also look for splints that become mouldable after heating them in a heating bag. As compared to standard splints, these mouldable splints offer a better fit.

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