How to Put Up Your Own Animal Shelter in the United Kingdom


If you are an animal lover, you have probably witnessed how caring volunteers have been able to unite abused and neglected pets with their new families. If that excites you as well, you may want to become an animal rescue volunteer, or even set up your own functioning animal shelter. Before you do that though, you need to consider some factors, so that you don’t rush into it blindly.

Factors to Consider When Setting Up a New Animal Shelter

First, you need to consider your intent. Do you want to put up an animal shelter because you know a lot of people who would want to adopt a rescued pet? Or perhaps you have lots of friends whom you know would gladly join you in this venture? If your intent is pure and you want to help animals find good families to adopt them, then that’s wonderful. That’s the most important factor.

The next factor is your resources. Yes, this includes having enough money but it also takes into account recruiting competent staff and paying them regularly. You need to go about finding a good location that is safe, hygienic, and secure. You will have to process permits to operate your new business in the location you picked. There should be enough funds to pay for your overhead including electricity, water, and fuel for machines such as power generators.

A third factor is the impact on the community where you will be putting up the animal shelter. Will residents be pleased that there is a functional animal shelter within their community? Or will they be hostile because they’re not animal lovers? Will your new business be allowed to grow and flourish within that community? Or do you expect that you eventually have to put up the business for sale unless you can find a better location?

Should You Allow Another Person To Take Over?

The last factor you have to consider is the potential for a business takeover by others with more assets than you. Running an animal shelter can be quite challenging, since there may be more animals rescued than those adopted. You have to balance listening to your heart by checking your accountant’s annual report. One way to survive is to merge operations with another animal shelter. Another way to survive is to simply accept volunteers, rather than paying for full-time staff. You could also forego personally accepting a salary from the business.

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