Leopard Gecko Diet Tips for Healthy Feeding

A leopard gecko is a pretty animal. Its name is self-explanatory. The leopard gecko has black spots on its bright yellow or orange skin like a leopard. And yet, they are lovely docile, and make for great pets. If you have a penchant for exotic animals and consider taking a leopard gecko as a pet, you want to know about the diet tips essential for your pet leopard gecko. Read on to find out.

Why Is a Proper Diet Plan Essential for Your Leopard Gecko’s Health?

Leopard Geckos born in captivity have to be fed the same diet as their wild companions, native to Southern Asia’s deserts. They should get their recommended diet during growth to grow up to be healthy adults capable of living their entire lifespan. Feeding a leopard gecko inappropriate food for it will result in a weak digestive system and poor immunity. Here are some essential tips to keep in mind.

Leopard Geckos Are Carnivorous

While some reptiles are omnivorous and may feed on fruits or leafy greens, leopard geckos do not depend on greens at all and are strictly carnivorous. Their diet consists of insects like moths, crickets, dubia roaches, and worms. Some leopard geckos will not even touch dead insects. They should be fed live and not dead.

Know When To Feed

After understanding what leopard geckos eat, it’s time to decide their bite sizes. The diet quantity is essential, and overeating is inappropriate for your pet. A baby gecko should be fed daily. Once it becomes an adult, you can feed them every alternate day.

Feed the Right Quantity

You have to know about the right quantity to feed your pet leopard gecko. Dubia roaches, which occur to be their absolute favorite, should be provided in proportion to their body length. So if your leopard gecko has grown six inches long, you can give them twelve roaches. Smaller geckos should be given the smallest roaches, while the adult geckos can feed on the full-grown ones.

Use of Mineral Supplements

While some insects like worms and dubia roaches are rich protein sources, you might need additional supplements for a more wholesome diet. Most people fall in love with leopard geckos because of their stunning looks, and a good diet is essential to maintain their skin. Also, ensure that along with the diet, they also have an enclosure simulating their natural habitat and plenties of fluids, and they are sure to grow big and strong.

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