3 Simple Ways To Stop Your Puppy From Biting

When you adopt a puppy, the first thing you’re going to notice is its’ biting habit. Puppies are like babies. They can be fussy and curious, as they are in the early phases of learning the world around them. Puppies bite almost everything, almost as much as they sniff. It is just their way of learning and exploring things. The training part isn’t always fun process. Some training methods are more fun than others. But you need to have lots of patience and you should be consistent throughout the training phrase. In this article, we are going to discuss how you can stop your pups sharp little teeth from biting and destroying things. 

3 Easy Ways to Prevent Your Puppy from Biting 

It is mandatory to teach puppies not to bite humans and other important objects like furniture. The three methods mentioned below will tell you how to stop puppy biting

Provide Your Puppies with their Own Chew Toys

If you want to teach your puppy not to bite certain things, make sure to also provide him with alternative objects he is free to nibble on to his hearts content. Constant biting is a part of a dogs natural teething process. When your puppy goes to bite your pants or hand, give them a toy to bite. Make the toy more exciting to the puppy so that they get more interested in chewing on the toy instead of your hand.

Start Socializing your Puppy

Sign up for a socializing class or puppy kindergarten is an effective way stop puppy biting. They would learn various dog manners from the sessions. If you are not taking your puppy to the kindergarten, then try to introduce your puppy to the other dogs, as it would be good for their social development. Learning from other dogs becomes an added advantage.

Try to Clicker Train your Puppy

The sound of the clicker becomes a cue that your puppy has done something wrong. The sound of the cue will help you to communicate approval or disapproval of your puppies good, or bad decision. When he does not bite your hand even when you put it in front of your puppy, you can click and offer a treat to him. Clicker training is efficient and works extraordinarily well at teaching a new puppy not to bite. 

Teaching your puppy not to bite is accomplishable, and very important when you have children at home. With steady and consistent effort, you’ll be able to see your pups behavioral changes in no time!

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