How To Start A Dog Walking Business Website?

Hello everyone, this is Sahrish Javed here from Hyper-Loop digital marketing. In this article I am going to talking about how to start a dog walking business website?

Determine Services

The first step is determining which kind of services would like to offer there are cat sitting, pet sitting, dog walking pooper scoop and there is so many out there. Get just a really good understanding of what kind of services are there. And then offer a few of them like three, four or five for them not too many and then just cut the ones out that you really don’t jive with. And offer only the ones that you really love so it should be one or two services. Then you become the expert within the area and this way you can up your rates.

Name Business

Second one is naming your business you can put in the territory you are offering services in and your services being offered. I definitely would recommend going with the services being offered within your name, because this way you are easily discovered on Google and wherever on all the search engines in the internet. So with the territory just make sure if you are using your towns name or your country once you grow above that you kind of stuck that name I mean you can rename it but it will be kind of harder. So try not to limit yourself from the get-go it’s also mind thing and also five things try to be distinctive with your name suggestive. So what are you offering, what are you doing appropriate, don’t be all cutesy, woodsy, easy to remember call a friend and let them know your business name, and call them back after a few hours and do that with a couple of friends. And see if they remember and register-able that you can actually register within your state nobody else already has it.

Determine Legal And Tech Structure

Number three determine your legal and tech structure and obtain your EIN your employee identification number with that one you really want to make sure what do you want to be. So there are legal ramifications and tax kind of implications but if you are not sure what to choose contact your CPA or your lawyer and just get a clear understanding of what you are really doing to employer identification number you can get within five minutes. It’s free. You can check on Google and get your business registered.

Register your business

Number four register your business with the state. Go on your state website. So you can get the website name for your state and with that one it costs usually one hundred and fifty dollars up to three hundred dollars depending on which state you live in.

Sales Tax

Five sales tax, make sure to know if you have to charge sales tax on your services. Just because it’s not a well-known service doesn’t mean you might have, you might not have to charge sales tax. So what I actually did in the beginning it took me hours to find it out just google your state.

License And Certify Your Business

Number six license and certify your business stock walking, and cat sitting is kind of getting the attention for years now of all the states and the country, and they are requiring more licenses and certifications for profession. So check if you need that within your state.


Having a dog walking business website is not that much difficult. If you still have any kind of query or question related to website do contact with Hyper-Loop digital marketing. Our expert there will help you better in this way.

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