What Are the Most Playful Dog Breeds?

One of the best reasons why we have english bulldog puppies for sale las vegas nv is because of their naturally playful nature. We love adorable pooches that brighten up our day with their zest for life and playtime! So it’s no explanation why you might be planning on getting a dog for you and the family, too.

Hold up! Before you start preparing all the food, beddings, and dog toys from awesome pet stores like Peggasus Pets, you first need to know what breed to get. We’ll be enumerating some of the goofiest and playful dog breeds, so read on.

  1. Golden and Labrador Retrievers

These two breeds are some of the most popular and intelligent dogs. They are known as gun dogs for their ability to pick up dead prey, retrieving it without causing damage. They are also well known for their extremely high energies and playfulness, having a natural love for games, particularly in waters.

What’s great about the retrievers is that they love children, other dogs, and being outdoors, making them the perfect addition to any family.

  1. The Australian Shepherd

This is a high-energy dog breed that requires an owner who is prepared and ready to keep up with how much playtime they need. The Australian Shepherd is fondly called the ‘Aussie’, though the breed was developed in the United States and not in Australia. They gained popularity during World War II, known for presenting in horse shows, Disney movies, rodeos, and more!

What many admire about the Australian Shepherd is that they can be trained easily and are versatile, learning different tricks quickly. With their intelligence and responsiveness, they can be tasked to do different tricks, like bringing in the newspaper, playing soccer, or even handing over household items! Furthermore, they love playing with dog toys like frisbees, having a skill for sports and agility.

  1. Corgis

The Corgi is a natural herding breed, so expect a lot of high energy and fun when with one. They come from Wales and there are two breeds under the Corgi, which are the Pembroke Welsh Corgi and Cardigan Welsh Corgi, having physical differences.

Besides being famous thanks to Queen Elizabeth II owning many Corgis, they love playing with kids and staying outdoors. And did you see their cute little butts? That alone makes them a fun and adorable pet for you and the kids to love.

  1. Boxers

This breed comes from a mix of the now extinct Bullenbeisser and Old English Bulldog. The interesting combo makes the Boxer a very energetic and playful dog, also one with a huge heart that will truly love its owners.

Surprisingly to many, the boxer isn’t aggressive at all, they are quite the opposite! This breed has a bright and friendly temperament towards humans and dogs. Furthermore, they’re very intelligent, sweet-natured, happy, and curious dogs that just want to be loved and have fun.

If you’re making the meaningful leap of faith and choose to get a dog, look into any of these playful breeds to fill your home with lots of fun!

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