Do dogs enjoy doggy daycare?

A common question among pet owners is whether their dogs enjoy daycare. And even though it might be challenging to assess this, there are some signs that tell you your pup had a fantastic day. We asked our experts about how to determine when a dog enjoyed daycare. So, next, we share insights that can tell you if your dog likes dog daycare or not!

#1 Your dog is exhausted.

A telltale sign your dog enjoys daycare is tiredness. If your dog spends his day running and playing with new friends, he will be exhausted when you take him home. So, a tired dog tells you he was happy with how his day unfolded.

#2 Your dog is excited on his way to daycare.

If you’re asking yourself how to know if a dog likes daycare, this is the best indicator. If your four-legged friend gets excited with anticipation about the ride to daycare, he most likely looks forward to it. So, when your reach the dog daycare, he will explode with contentment. These are all good signs your dog loves spending time at daycare.

#3 Your dog reacts to the daycare’s name.

An interesting fact about dogs is that they tend to recall names associated with pleasant experiences. Hence, if your dog recognizes the daycare’s name, it is a clear sign he likes the time spent there. Name recognition, and a positive reaction is a good sign!

#4 Your dog will learn a new routine.

Another way to determine whether your dog likes daycare is by looking at his behavior. After some time, he will know the routine. This means that he will expect to go to dog daycare in the mornings. Hence, you’ll notice your dog is meeting you at the door, excited about a new day.

#5 You dog loves the staff.

When you bring your dog to daycare, watch how he reacts to the staff. Usually, if he likes spending time there, he will jump to meet the people inside. Wagging his tail in excitement is his way of saying good morning to everyone. Studies suggest that an unhappy and anxious dog won’t display positive behavior towards people or other animals.

 #6 Your dog is well-regarded by the staff.

Another way to tell whether a dog enjoys daycare is by discussing with the staff. They will share their insights into how your dog behaved throughout the day. If your dog is happy with his stay, he’ll receive only positive comments, such as he likes playing around with other dogs.

The bottom line

Overall, dogs enjoy spending time at daycare. And this happens since they get the chance to make new friends. Dog daycare is an excellent approach to keep your dog happy, healthy, and well-behaved. After all, dogs are social animals that love spending time in a pack. Choosing a dog daycare facility that knows how to group dogs is important in this process. Your dog needs to spend time with other dogs that have similar personality traits and ages.

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