Essentials Dog Gears for Outdoor Adventure

Your dog is as fond of adventure as you. And pups will get injured, dehydrated, too cold, and too hot, just like you. These challenges can be avoided with the right gear and know-how. Find out what dogs are allowed or whether they need to be leashed before you go out. If you have a high-energy dog or are finding a trail that is faster, carry them along, by all means. Only make sure to have the right gear for the puppy, you can find a variety of dog gears on Hurtta Canada.

Bottles of Water & Collapsible Bowls

For every outdoor ride, a water bottle and collapsible bowl are important items. Choose a compact, lightweight water bottle and bowl that is constructed from clean, non-toxic materials. It should also be easy to clean water bottles and bowls, easy to dry (to avoid mould growth), well built, and lightweight. You would want to avoid silicone bowls while your dog is an offensive chewer.


By packing a raincoat for your puppy, make sure you are prepared for bad weather. Raincoats help protect the hair of your dog from getting damp and dirty as you enjoy the great outdoors. There is a wide range of styles to pick from. Many raincoats have functional features such as detachable hoods and reflective trim. The lightweight, water and abrasion-resistant, highly transparent, and adjustable should be a decent raincoat. To help you settle on the best match for your puppy, check the manufacturer’s size map.

Cooling Vests

Cooling vests are ideal during the hot summer for hiking, road trips, and quick strolls. They are built to shield your dog from heat stress and are particularly beneficial for dogs who are thick-coated. Most vests have a 3-layer cooling system; a comfortable inner layer that pulls surface heat from the skin, a middle layer that retains water, and a wicking outer layer that encourages evaporation. Cooling vests make use of an evaporative mechanism. So, how are cooling vests operating? Simply wet the water vest and put it on the puppy. The water evaporates, causing a cooling effect as the vest heats up in the light. Look for a light, breathable, well built, and sturdy vest. A durable leash attachment point can also feature a decent cooling vest.

Life Jackets

A life jacket is an invaluable floating device for boating, kayaking, or paddling adventures. Regardless of whether or not the dog is a strong swimmer, investing in a life jacket makes sense. A decent life vest will help keep your dog afloat in case of an accident and make it noticeable. There are identical life suits for dogs to those made for humans. Furthermore, they have solid handles that make it easier for you to get your dog out of the water safely. Any life jackets do have a rope ring so that you can monitor your dog with exercise. To protect your dog’s life vest, you even get interchangeable belts and fast-snap buckles that make it quick and safe to stall.

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