3 Tips to Take Care of Yorkie

Do you bought home a cute little furry yorkie puppy? Now, you need to take measures to take care of it so that it stays healthy and jolly. All puppies crave love and attention so these are significant needs, but special care and affection helps them to grow well and happy. Here are some tips that can help you to take care of the little fluffy member of your family.

  1. Healthy and balanced diet

When it comes to take proper care of your yorkie, you have to be careful with his or her everyday meals. Feed your yorkie three times a day with small meals, but make sure you are offering it nutritious foods. Avoid artificial coloring foods, chemical preservative foods it can cause allergic reaction. Give them small snacks per day. Even if your Yorkie is not hungry, feeding them small dry biscuit. It will prevent them from vomiting if they go too long with empty stomach. Also, you should avoid giving your yorkie unfiltered tap water. There are no restrictions about how much water they can drink because drinking water depends on your dog’s activity level and the weather.

  1. Regular basis grooming for yorkie

Yorkies” are fluffy and eye catchy for their cuteness; and for a healthy skin with shiny coat, a regular grooming is important. Give your yorkie a bath just once in every three weeks. Use balanced pH 6.5 plant based cleanser with moisturized shampoo. Don’t forget to trim their nails.

  1. Exercises with fun activities

Yorkie needs daily exercises. As they are such small dog, they need to regulate metabolism and stimulate their appetite. Else, lack of exercise can lead them towards weight gain which will eventually bring illnesses and difficult health conditions. Walking them outside for fresh air and playing with them for a few hours in a day will help them from seasonal affective disorder and boost their energy.

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