What is Labrador Retriever?

Labrador Retriever is a breed that was loved by our ancestors and still people from all over the world like it. Labrador Retriever is very kind, loyal, hardworking and number one dog breed. In the old days, this breed used to help their owners with their works. Today’s Labrador is as hardworking and good natured as their ancestors used to be. This breed is America’s most popular breed and you will see most of the people are having this breed in their homes. Now a day, this breed helps their owners with assistance for hunting, rescue and search.

Origin of Labrador Retriever

The origin of this breed is the United Kingdom. This is a breed of retriever gun dog from the United Kingdom that was developed from imported Canadian fishing dogs. The Labrador Retriever is most famous breed all over the world especially in the Western world.

Other names of the Labrador Retriever

The other names of the Labrador retriever are Labrador and the nick name of this dog is Lab.

Height of Labrador Retriever

The hight of Labrador Retriver of the dogs is 56-57 cm (22-22.5 in) and female dogs height is 54-56 cm (21.5-22 in).

Weight of the Labrador Retriever

Dogs weight is 29-36 kg (65-80 lb) and female dogs weight is 25-32 kg (55-70 lb).

Coat of the Labrador Retriever

The coat of Labrador Retriever is short, dense, double coat and weather resistant.

Colour of Labrador Retriever

The colour of Lab is chocolate, black, or yellow (from pale yellow to fox red).

Qualities of Labrador Retriever

Since Labrador Retriever is very helpful dog it helps assist disable people. In the USA this breed is trained by the professionals or assistance dog organization to assist or aid an individual with disability. One of the best Dog training centers is called 360° dog walker which specializes in dog walking services in San Francisco. Especially they are used to aid those with blindness or autism. The breed is known for their loyalty, obedience and playful composure. Additionally, they are prized as hunting and sporting dogs. They are very much kid friendly, dog friendly, outgoing, affectionate with family, friendly toward strangers and high spirited companions. But don’t take his friendly personality for low energy: The Labrador is an enthusiastic athlete that requires a lot of exercise, marathon games of fetch and swimming to keep mentally and physically fit.

Labrador Retriever Emotional Health

Labrador Retriever’s sweet nature makes them an amazing therapy dog. Labradors do a lot of things and can do many things so it’s better to take care of their health. Physical activity is most important for this breed so take them for a walk at least 30 minutes per day. One thing is very much famous in Labrador according to their owners they don’t need training. This is not true. Without training a Labrador puppy will soon grow to be a very large. Its mandatory for your Labrador to start puppy kindergarten, which not only teach your dog good manners, but helps them learn how to be comfortable around strangers and other dogs. You will need to take special care of this breed because with small effort you can make your pup better and enhance its personality.



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