Reasons Why One Should Have a Pet


Every living and non-living creature in the world has their own importance as they all play their role quite differently. Animals have been not different when it comes to company, utility, or friendship with humans. We have heard or witnessed stories about crazy bonding between many wild animals and humans. Animals do have hearts the same as we do and need love and care to spend a happy and healthy time. 

Love for animals and living alongside them has been something humans are doing since centuries. Since humans started domestication of animals, it has become their need to have them around. People keep pets and show their love towards animals these days not for leisure but to share their happiness and emotions with these amazing creatures of the almighty god. 

There are a lot of benefits of having Pets. 

  1. Keeps you Happy: It’s great to see someone daily who meets you with the same energy, pets make you happy every time you meet them. They are always excited to see you with the same mood everyday which could be a great welcome at home after a stressful day. No matter how stressed you are, your little buddy can always bring a smile to your face. 
  2. Help staying relaxed: Having pets around and caring for them keeps you away from stress and anxiety. Feeding them, taking them out for a walk, helping them exercise or even a small cuddle from them help you stay relaxed and calm. 
  3. Keeps you fit: Caring for your pet, playtime with them, taking them for a walk or making sure their basic needs are met keeps you fit and healthy. We do sometimes forget to focus on our own health with the busy schedule and ignore some basic needs like a short walk, having pets around help you achieve these small milestones to stay fit. Working on their health needs you could also have the willingness to look after yourself. 
  4. Unconditional love: Once you get the bond and attachment with them, they do love you more. Their selfless love makes the day more beautiful for you. With the smaller treats you give them for the training you provide or their playtime, those means a lot to them while your time can mean the world to your loving pet. 
  5. Helps being Organised: Taking care of needs and wants of your pets keeps you more organised. Their daily routine of feeding, grooming, and playing also keeps you away from various distractions.
  6. Great companion: Loyalty, Love and unconditional affection towards you makes your pet your best companion and a great friend. Their friendship is the purest one as they do expect way less from you and in turn, they can treat you better than you would. 
  7. Keeps you social: Some of the pets do not like the attention of their owner to be distributed to some other pet which is a natural process with the living creatures but even after this they do socialise with other pets or other animals quite quickly and help you be social. 

You could enjoy your pet’s company a lot, but it’s very important that you give them enough of respect, love and care too. If you can’t take good care of them, rather not to have them. 

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