The Biggest Lie About Dog Grooming Supplies

If you need to groom your dog regularly, you’ll often need some good dog grooming supplies. But when you get your supplies and start grooming, there may be some lies or myths that you’ve heard about them.

First, many people think it’s bad for your dog to use dog shampoo and bathe her every week. Some argue that a weekly bath dries out your dog’s skin and leaves a dull coat. There is some truth in the argument if we are talking about grooming decades ago. Back then, shampoos for dogs used lye soap and regular dish sap.

But shampoos for pets today are very gentle and can be used every week without damaging the coat and skin of your dog.

So, feel free to use modern dog shampoo on your dog when you like. Regular bathing helps to get rid of loose hair and can manage and protect them from various skin conditions. They also just smell better.

Second, some people believe that people shampoo works as well as pet shampoo. Even if your shampoo says it’s gentle enough for babies, that doesn’t mean it will work well on a dog. Dog and human skin have different pH levels. Also, your dog’s skin is more sensitive to soap because they don’t have as many layers of skin cells as we do.

So, your dog’s skin is different than ours so they need high-quality pet shampoo. There are many options out there.

Another common misconception is that pet grooming is only needed for certain dog breeds. You might hear that some dogs don’t shed so they don’t need to be groomed with a brush and regular washing. Actually all breeds shed to some degree, with some more than others. But all dogs need to be groomed. It helps them to look and feel good. All dogs will benefit from regular brushing, bathing, coat maintenance, and nail care.

You also may have heard that dogs don’t need to be groomed in winter. Actually, grooming your dog year round is important, especially for dogs that have thick undercoats. Winter has snow, mud, and rain, and your dog’s fur can get tangled and dirty. Keeping up the grooming in the colder months will ensure he will transition nicely into spring and summer.

Keep these misconceptions in mind when you are grooming your pet and you will have a much happier pet.

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