Processing Homemade Dog Food for Pet Dogs

Once in a while, pamper your beloved dog with food prepared in the kitchen and your own hands. Besides being safe from preservatives, its nutritional content is also monitored. Dogs are like cats, fond of tasting dry food and wet food. Most domestic animals consume packaged food widely available in animal supply stores every day. If you’re willing to be a little fussy, you can provide home made dog food that is equally healthy, even free of preservatives. Plus, of course, more economical on the pocket. To prepare homemade dog food, one must consider several points.

Choose the best recipe.

Like choosing a menu for family members, you also have to be careful when choosing a recipe for your favorite dog. According to the WebMD page, you should choose a recipe that contains the nutrients your dog needs, such as iron, calcium, zinc, fat, protein, and carbohydrates. Can obtain Carbohydrates ed from meat, seafood, milk, and eggs. You can get fat from meat and oil.

While you can obtain Carbohydrates from wheat and vegetables, if your dog has health problems, first consult with your veterinarian about what should avoid dietary restrictions. You can consult a veterinarian or look online for recipes from a trusted dog nutritionist to choose the best recipe.

Prepare raw materials properly.

If you’ve got a recipe, then immediately do the preparation. In this case, there is one thing you need to note. Don’t experiment with recipes so that later the dog will not lack one type of nutrition. So follow the recipe with traces from raw materials or processing. Even though it looks the same and you don’t think it’s much different, don’t replace raw materials with materials that suit your desires or abilities because there could be several different contents. After the raw materials are obtained, measure the composition with a scale so that everything is accurate. So it’s not a minus, nor is it too much.

Process until cooked

Cook all raw meat and fish ingredients until they are perfectly cooked to kill the bacteria. Bacteria in the meat can expose dogs to several health problems, such as worms. For vegetables and beans, boil until cooked before mixing into the meat mixture. It makes vegetables and beans easy to mash. Avoid adding seasonings and flavorings from harmful ingredients to dogs, such as chocolate, garlic, and avocado. After the main ingredients are cooked, mix them using a blender. After that, bake until dry if you want to process the type of dry food menu.

Store in a closed container

After cooling can store these dry foods in airtight containers that have been pre-sterilized. The container can be washed until clean, then dry. Or put it in boiling water to kill the germs attached to it. It is highly recommended to make dry food in small quantities only because dry food stored for too long can reduce its nutritional value.

If you have a dog, you have to pay attention to what content is in dog food. The nutritional content in food greatly affects the health, growth of height and weight, beauty of fur, muscle strength, and bone structure of dogs. Therefore, it must meet the main nutritional content needed by dogs properly.

There are several raw materials for dog food that are important to pay attention to so that dog nutrition is met, including:


Meat is the most important raw material for dog food ingredients. The reason is that meat is a source of protein for dog food on the market. Generally, dog feed uses meat from beef, chicken, fish, and rabbits to venison. Protein itself is an indispensable nutrient for cell regeneration, maintaining healthy organs, increasing hair growth, and the main requirement for predatory animals such as dogs.

Carbohydrates from Grains

Carbohydrates are a source of energy for dogs and can be obtained from grain food sources such as rice, corn, wheat, and potatoes. However, it’s good to check the dog’s condition first. The reason, some dogs can have allergies or hypersensitivity to grains.

In addition, if you want to provide carbohydrates from grains, the dose must be considered. Giving grains such as wheat or corn should be less than the main ingredient, namely meat.

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