How to safeguard your puppy investment

Bringing a new puppy into your home can be pretty magical – but it can also be quite stressful. You invest your time, attention, finances and love into this little creature, so how can you make sure they stay safe? Keep reading to find out more.

Consider your lifestyle

Before you even pick your puppy up, you should carefully consider your lifestyle and decide what breed is best for you. You should also consider where you live, what hours you work, and any existing pets in the house. Being sure you have the environment and time for a puppy is essential.

Know the breed

Once you have decided on the dog for you, do some research on the breed. Some dogs have different needs, from grooming and exercise to potential genetic health conditions. Being familiar with the breed you have chosen allows you to safeguard your puppy much more effectively.


You may not have realised that when a puppy comes into your home, it is a lot like a toddler arriving. They can run around, they can get into everything, and they can easily do something silly. Puppy-proofing your home is something you should do before bringing them home. This can include stair gates to stop falls, keeping food and medication high up, putting electrical cords out of the way, ensuring your garden is secured, and more.

Vet checks

Having your puppy looked over by a vet is a vital step in keeping them safe and well. There are essential vaccinations that puppies need before they can even go on walks, and they also need to be protected against fleas, slugs, ticks, worms, and other things. Taking your puppy for a check-up is a good way to flag any pre-existing health issues, too.

Invest in training

Taking your puppy to training classes once they are fully vaccinated is a good way to develop them and make sure they know how to behave well. While this is, of course, beneficial to you, it also keeps them from getting into dangerous situations. If you can call your dog to you, socialise them well, and keep them more responsive to you than their environment, then this is a big win and can give you peace of mind.

Insure your pup

Healthcare for your puppy can be an expensive business, beginning with their first vaccinations and flea treatments. It gets much pricier if your puppy happens to hurt themselves (as rambunctious pups sometimes do!) or becomes poorly. Pet insurance with Petsure is a great way to protect your puppy and make sure that they will always be able to get the care they need.

Having a puppy around might feel like a challenge, but it’s completely worth it. With these essential tips, you can keep your puppy safe and sound as they grow into a truly amazing dog.


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