Some Important Facts About The CHOW CHOW Dog Breed

There are many types of dog breeds and every dog breed has some specialties. Same as there is one dog breed which is CHOW CHOW. This breed dog is very famous and also has its history. This dog breed is originally from North China, but it can now found in America as well.  You can buy chow chow puppies from a pet shop or nursery. You can search on the internet, about the chow chow dog and find interesting things about them. The chow chow puppy is very adorable and also looks like a teddy bear.

11 Reasons Why the Chow Chow Is an Unusual Dog Breed – American Kennel Club

Common information about Chow Chow

When you take a chow chow puppy to your home, before that you have to know some important detail about them. The DOG breed CHOW CHOW is known for the dense double coat which may be fully rough or smooth. The chow chow dogs can live up to 15 years. Even the height of male and female dogs is different such as the male dog has a height from 48cm to 56 cm, and the female dog has a height from 46cm to 51 cm. These dogs are very loyal to their owner and also they are independent and quiet.

Important facts to know

  • Train them in their earlier: One can take this dog at their home without any worry and also make their life good with them. If you want to train them, then it is good for you that you start to train them in small age, because once they are grown then it is very difficult to train them for something. That’s why it is always suggested to train them when they are a puppy.
  • Take care of them: It is important to take the chow chow and even it is very simple and easy. You can comb their hair occasionally only twice a year. You can comb their hair with the use of a metal comb. It is said that their eyes will be wiped every day with the soft swabs which are moistened with water. The owner of the breed has to cut their nails once a month.
  • Monitor your house: It is recommended to the owners of chow chow dogs to keep them in kennels in the backyard of the house. These dogs are very loyal and also good security guards. They did not lose vigilance and closely monitor every situation in the house.

So, if you are thinking about taking them to your home and these are the facts about them that you should have to know.

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