The Best Foods For Dogs

As we all know, dogs are very active animals. Thus, they require a proper diet and a lot of nutrition. But it is also important for dogs to feed on appropriate foods not just to give them energy boosts but also to maintain their health, and happiness, and have a long life. Dogs are a human’s best friend, and they are lovely companions. Giving them the food that they deserve will guarantee you your long time with them, plus, it will guarantee that they will just rarely acquire illnesses. 

This article will tackle foods that are safe and best for your furry loved ones to eat. This will serve as your guide in order to know what certain foods are nutritious and healthy so your dogs can live a happy long life. The best foods are as follows:

  • Vegetables

Three vegetables that are highly recommended for your dogs are carrots, squash, and cucumbers.

  • Carrots 

Carrots are absolutely one of the best veggies for dogs because they can remove excess dirt from a dog’s teeth– they can contribute to their dental health. Aside from being good plaque removers, carrots are also a high source of vitamin A and potassium which can improve a dog’s skin and immune system.

  • Squash

As we all know, squashes are good for one’s vision. Not just for humans but also for dogs! They are a high source of vitamin A, vitamin C, and B6 which will enhance your dog’s sight and improve their cardiovascular system.

  • Cucumbers

Lastly, cucumbers contain a lot of phytonutrients and antioxidants. They do not contain a lot of salt and sugar, and they are low in calories. Thus, this makes cucumbers beneficial because they maintain a dog’s healthy weight and are good anti-inflammatories. 

In addition, as you offer these vegetables to your dog, refrain from sprinkling them with certain spices or seasoning because they are not ideal for dogs. Serve it plainly– you can boil the carrots and squash. Of course, cucumbers don’t need cooking. 

  • Fruits

Three ideal fruits for your dogs to feed on are apples, watermelon, and bananas.

  • Apples

Apples contain vitamins A and C and are a good source of fiber. Apples help improve a dog’s digestion. However, remove the apple seeds before giving them to your dogs. And make sure to select apples that are not rotten and are still fresh to avoid food poisoning.

  • Watermelon

As we all know, watermelons hold a lot of water. Watermelons keep your dog hydrated, and they are also good sources of vitamin A, C, and B6. See to it that the seeds are removed before feeding them to them because seeds are at high risk of intestine-blocking. Feed only the meat and not the rinds because rinds can upset your dog’s stomach.

  • Bananas

Bananas are not recommended for dogs to eat on a daily basis because they contain a lot of sugar, which means too much sugar can be very harmful. However, Bananas also contain potassium, vitamins, and a lot of fiber. Bananas are also low in calories, cholesterol, and sodium. But bear in mind not to give them bananas daily to prevent them from sugar-related illnesses such as diabetes. 

As they are fruits ideal for dogs, there are also fruits that are very toxic for dogs that you should not feed. Some of these toxic fruits are grapes, avocados, and cherries.

  • Meat 

Feeding your dogs with cooked meat and raw meat is fine. However, feeding your dogs excessively with raw meat can be risky because raw meats sometimes do not provide the proper nutrition that your dog requires. Three types of meat ideal for your dogs are fish, pork, and of course, chicken. 

  • Fish

Sea creatures such as tuna, salmon, and shrimps can be very beneficial for your dog’s health because they contain protein and omega-3 that help maintain the dog’s blood circulation.  In addition, make sure to cook the fish before feeding it because raw fish can contain parasites. And avoid feeding the fish bones to your dog because they are very sharp and can harm the dog’s internal organs.

  • Beef

Surely beef is one of the foods that your dogs will love.  Beef is also one of the ingredients that dog raw food contains. When it comes to picking the best puppy treats, beef is often a top choice. It is a good source of protein and sufficient minerals and vitamins that a dog needs. Feed your dogs with just unseasoned beef and without sauces. Seasonings are not recommended.

  • Chicken

Of course, dogs love to eat chicken meat. Make sure that the chicken is cooked before giving them to your dogs. Chickens can be a good choice of food for your dogs when they are upset. Chickens contain protein, and they are also one of the ingredients of dog food. 

If your dog happens to get an illness from forbidden food, a filthy environment, or another sick dog, immediately go to the vet for your dog’s medication. There are a number of vets in San Jose where you can always take your dog for consultation, and there are even online vets too! Help for your dogs can always be at reach. Acquire a pet dog according to your financial capacity and resources. Always remember to treat your dogs with love and care, and never neglect their needs. 



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