Why is playtime important for your dog?

Dogs are naturally curious animals. Some breeds, like German Shepherds, need to be in constant motion or they can fall into a state of depression. Although some people see dog puzzle toys as a means of amusement for their four-legged friends, for your dog it is actually an opportunity to discover something new and different. A dog that is constantly active is less likely to get sick. There are also toys that offer a reward once they complete an activity. Dog food puzzle toys allow your dog to receive a snack after having solved the puzzle. It is important to note that many of these toys come with up to 3 levels of difficulty. If this is your dog’s first time, start at level 1 or they could easily get frustrated. Keep in mind that some dogs take a little longer than others to solve the puzzles.

Benefits of playing with your dog

The University of Bristol conducted a study with 4,000 dogs, where dogs that did not have enough fun had more aggressive behavior or fell into severe anxiety or depression. The study also revealed that dogs that were constantly active were less likely to develop obesity and other muscle-related diseases. A clear sign your dog needs more activity is when they destroy furniture and other household objects. Another sign is when your dog makes sporadic aggressive gestures. The need for physical activity increases in large breed dogs. In fact, professionals do not recommend owning this type of dog breed if you cannot walk, jog, or run with them outside the house.

Ideas for having fun with your dog

Responsibilities such as work or family sometimes cause people to forget the importance of having fun with their dogs. However, keeping your dog entertained is much easier than you think. Dog puzzle toys or dog food puzzle toys are perfect for any type of breed. If you have a small breed dog, you can play at hiding snacks in different parts of the house. You can lock your dog in a room, hide the snacks and then let them look for them. Try to vary the places so your dog doesn’t get bored. For large breed dogs, it is best to go for a walk, jog or run. You can include your dog as part of your jogging routine or use a special harness to tie them to your bicycle so you both can ride around the park with no problems with other dogs or people.

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