Tips to train a dog for dock diving

This comparatively new dog sport is somewhat like long jump for dogs… here’s the catch into water. It may sound bonkers, but your dog will surely love it.

So, what is dock diving?

Dock diving is a sport competition where dog compete in height or distance jumping from a height (called dock) into water.

To avoid slippage, the dock has a cover of non-slip material such as fake grass. The dogs often pick high speed here, hence traction is important.

After reaching the end of the dock, the dog takes a flying leap in the water. The winner is marked by how far the dog managers to get along the water from where they take the leap.

Equipment needed for dock diving

Though dock diving is a simple sport, you need to bring along a few things.

Water body: The first thing to carry with you is a container for your dog to jump into. It is regulated and should have the right properties to be secure and measurable for your canine friend.

Chasing object: To make your dog jump into the water, they need a reason. And a good way to do this is by making them chase something such as a colorful object. You will find many specialized chase objects at pet stores, but you need some trial and error to find out which one your dog prefers.

Dock: You need a low platform held above the water body for your dog to jump into. It should be non-slip material to avoid any dog slippage.

Food and treat: After aggressive jumping, of course, your dog would be hungry. Hence, make sure you carry their food, treat and water. Your dog would be needing water all through the competition.

Steps to train your dog for dock diving

1st step: First step here is to teach your dog to swim. Ensure they are comfortable with water before beginning their dock diving practice.

2nd step: Once your dog is familiar with water and enjoys swimming, you can teach them to jump into water. Lead them to the dock edge and throw their favorite toy in the water. Add the fetch command and your dog will gradually learn to chase it.

3rd step: Repeat the first and second step together. The more you do that, the more comfortable your dog will get with the whole experience.

4th step: Practice getting air. It is the time that your canine friend spends aloft before falling in the water. It is actually the length of their flight. Allow your dog to progressively grow and take longer leaps.

A good way to do this is by accessing a pool. Make your dog stand at the edge of the pool and hold their favorite ball at the edge, throwing it in the water. Invite your dog to jump it. After some days, increase the distance.

5th step: Practice at multiple docks. Add variation to your practice by trying several environments.

If you can get to professional dock diving locations, it is a great place to practice before entering the competition.



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